Skin and Second Skin


Wow.. this album was such a huge journey to make. My first album without my beloved band behind me, my first album as a solo artist, my first album as a married woman and all recorded between the time of 3 and 8 months pregnant (and writing a bunch of it in Sydney, LA and NYC).. Woah mumma..

I love the themes I explored on this album – I was a madly in love newlywed experiencing the miracle of pregnancy – it was quite a trip to document! Inspired by Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and our own great Vince Jones this album was all about exploring groove for me. I learn’t a huge amount making this album and I am really grateful for the arduous journey I took with this process, as since then, it has confirmed my instinct to listen to and trust my inner voice.

The dance album project SECOND SKIN was another fun element to this album – the chance to explore these tunes well and truly out of their comfort zone in the dance world – and for me to re-record all the lead vocals (in a day! – hah!…!?)