Early 2005 in Sydney’s Angel Place, I heard Joe Lovano play saxophone live for the first time and my fascination with his playing was ignited! A couple of years later I found myself dreaming up a project where I could combine my two main loves – pop music and the freedom of jazz improvisation. It was then that the seeds of my homage to the incredible writing of Lennon and McCartney were sewn. Somehow I found myself talking to the legendary Joe Lovano and dreaming up a crazy stellar band. In late 2008 I jetted of New York City with my husband and 2 darling boys to make a record with the very best jazz musicians in the world.

I still don’t know quite know how it happened but I know I am very grateful and blessed. To be in the studio with Mr Ron Carter in duet on the tune “I will” will be something I will cherish til the day I die. This album was a life affirming moment for me. Years later I was involved in helping to bring Mr Carter and his trio ( w Mulgrew Miller and Russell Malone) to Australia for the very first time – again such a wonderful honour to once again share the stage with him.