Nothing Better Than Learn How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar To Begin Your Musician Journey

Without any suspicion, Seven Nation Army, performed by a rock band with two members, The White Stripes, will be by far one of the most memorable guitar melodies of current decades.  This piece, built on a catchy guitar rhythm, was a real cross-platform breakthrough for the duo, propelling them into the world stage. Throughout the whole article, we will show you the perfect method of how to play Seven Nation Army on guitar.

The following are some of the article’s main points:

  • Necessary Knowledge Before Jumping Into Learning How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar
  • Step By Step: How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar
  • Start With The Best Guitar For Better Learning

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Necessary Knowledge Before Jumping Into Learning How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar

The Origin Of “Seven Nation Army” Song 

Meg with Jack White produced the title song in one of their albums named “Elephant” in 2003. This track was named “Seven Nation Army,” as well as the song dominated the radios throughout the world.

This title had (and continues to have) a lengthy career as a memorable Billboard chart about Rock song. Owing to its presence in the “Be Heard” commercial of Mr. Dre, this song’s existence was prolonged even more in 2017 after it reached the most replayed piece of music in Television ads. Upon the highest point of this real accomplishment, the White Stripes original has become a favorite among several beginning guitarists.

Furthermore, after being performed by pop musician Martin Collins, practically everybody is familiar with the rendition of this song “Seven Nation Army.” There are a lot of fantastic guitar covers to this song, such as this Youtuber Ichika Nito.

Why Would This Be Such A Well-known Song To Practice? 

You really want to study and master how to play Seven Nation Army on guitar, right? It will be an easy procedure, which employs a distinct kind of melodic notion.

It is an excellent illustration of how minimalism is sometimes the finest instrument we have for composing songs. The basic rhythm of the song maintains a rigorous structure throughout the verse as well as chorus portions, with just some minor variations. This renders the tune exceedingly straightforward to study for any guitarist searching for a catchy melody but easy to practice.

How To Read Seven Nation Army Guitar Tab 

Guitar tablature, often described simply as the guitar tab, has become a straightforward method for musicians to discover how to perform chords, rhythms, and tunes. This is also a terrific technique to share your pleasant thoughts with other artists whether you compose unique material.

The perpendicular bands are the instrument strings, as well as the numerals are the frets. This string arrangement is perhaps the most difficult component of understanding the guitar tab since this has been counter-intuitive. Its moderate E-string is located at the lowest point, followed by the upper E-string.

Step By Step: How To Play Seven Nation Army On Guitar 

Now, let us go towards the most crucial but also exciting section of this article: simple instructions to practice for performing classic Seven Nation Army Song on your guitar. This is a step by step: how to play seven nation army on guitar.

Step 1: Practice The Bass Chord Riff Throughout The Beginning Of The Series To Help Direct Your Performance 

This has become one of the best song’s classic opening series of chords, performed on the bassline. A similar riff gets replayed throughout the verse as well as a chorus; however, Jack White performs the melodies on his instrument as solid chords. That being said, whether you successfully master the basic riff, you may attach extra chords afterward.

Step 2: Even More Than Practical, You Should Be Using Your Pointer Finger To Slide Around The Collar 

Using the instrument to learn that riff, utilize your full hand fluently. Rather than changing fingers, maintain your forefinger to strain as often as necessary; you’ll require your rings as well as pinkie available early on to form harmonies.

Step 3: Learn How To Play The Indicated Guitar Riffs For All The Verse 

You’d have to understand the chord patterns when you wanted to perform the whole song on any acoustic guitar, as an illustration. Those chords, however, might be utilized for whichever covers or variation; for example, listen to Marcus Collins’ remark that includes melody instruments in the chorus where even the original does not. To perform chord harmonies, keep repeating the preceding chords upward to a certain pitch, just like in the funky bassline previously.

Step 4: Rebuild Your Amplifier 

To obtain an authentic “White Stripes” vibe with your own guitar, you’ll have to tweak your amplifier only that little. Don’t fear. You’re hardly breaking things; you’re only changing the configurations a bit. You’ll require a lot of progress, so attempt cranking everything up to around eight. 

To compensate, retain your treble together all up and down to seven or eight. Mids are being kept at five, but the bass has been increased to eight. Pick up the “Presence” function on your amplification as well.

Step 5: If You Have Just Rarely Encountered Power Chords Before, Go Through Them One By One 

Power chords have been basic two-finger chords that are utilized for loud, boisterous, and fast music. When you’ve rarely built these before, they’re actually relatively simple to construct. Begin by placing your pointer finger on every fret, mainly on two leading strings — the very initial notes of this Seven Nation Army theme (seventh fret, fifth string) is a good starting point. Merely position your pinky upon this ninth fret, fourth string, another string, as well as two frets downwards. It’s your own power chord; therefore, perform those two strings.

  • Place your pinky to its string as well as fret beneath your index finger (ninth fret, third-string) for significantly more prominent, more robust chords.
  • This chord is determined by the pitch your right thumb has been on. This seems to be an E force harmonic because the key in the instance would be an E.

Step 6: Understand How To Incorporate Two Chord Bridges Into Its Choruses 

This would be the part, which starts (at least throughout the opening chorus) with both the lines “as well as the expression in my gaze…” When he puts it, you ought to:

  • With one exact proportion, play a G higher octave (third fret, sixth string).
  • With one exact proportion, change to the A higher octave (fifth fret, sixth string) or perhaps an extended A (second fret, second-fourth strings).

Step 7: Begin The Chorus Using A Double E Of Power Chord Guitar Riffs 

It might be better if you started with a long strum, accompanied by a quick one. The E note of the power chord, if there is a situation that you missed.

Step 8: To Perform A G, Drop Your Entire Power Chord Below To Something Like The Tenth Fret 

Because power chords have the same structure, you should practice maintaining similar fingers from throughout when you go around the body. After every second, faster strum, immediately start climbing to the tenth fret as well as tambourine it only once. That chord replaces the fifth fret, third-string harmonic seen in the funky bassline ahead.

Step 9: Return To Its E Chords Once Per Fast Strum 

You’ll keep replaying the base rhythm with guitar riffs from now on. On every way to the finish line of the guitar, press the E another round.

Step 10: Once You Move Right Back To The Body, Strike The Fifth Note, D Dynamic Chords 

Your upcoming chord seems to be also a power chord, this time on the fifth fret of the fifth string.

Step 11: Continue To The Third Note Power Chord 

Continue to track the bassline riff. Each chord remains a certain form. It’s also a C power chord, often known as a C5.

Step 12: Follow The Exact Process, Ending With The Final Second Fret Power Chord 

The final chord has been the B, positioned on the second fret of its fifth string. There’s now a little wait until you duplicate the song chords for both choruses when you’ve reached this point.

Step 13: Play The Song Several Times To Understand The Beat And Arrangement 

The Seven Nation Army seems to be straightforward, with no forceful strumming. Once you’ve mastered every one of its power chords, you’ll memorize the song itself. This song is arranged into three sections: a verse, then a chorus with a bridge. Play the music and notice how the melody transforms at certain sections.

  • The bassline, as well as drums, are the sole instruments in its verse. You may, nevertheless, perform the soundtrack’s chords or perhaps the bottom rhythm on guitars. 
  • This bridge would be a means of entering and exiting the chorus. After the conclusion of its verse, hold the multiple harmonic bridges prior to actually launching into another power chord. We might even replay this throughout the chorus, just preceding switching back into its verse. 
  • That power chord phrase would be in this chorus. Its riff has often been performed underneath the guitar breakdown.

Step 14: Compartmentalize The Electric Guitar Beat, As This Is The Identical One Performed Throughout The Solo 

The guitar break in this song of Seven Nation Army has been evaluated as not too hard to play. However, rhythmically, this is practically in flawless sync, mostly with this song’s renowned bass line from the opening. That strong, slow, and purposeful beat is essential to make the solo perform well.

Analyze and memorize the chord progression well before performance if necessary. It’s simple enough as well as may be quite beneficial.

Then you’re just running the accompanying pitch sequences over the identical beat as its funky bassline.

Begin the first section of the soloist on the ninth fret, third string. This solo is divided into two sections that both mimic the manner of the funky bassline. The initial part begins on the ninth string, with the ninth string being played continuously in favor of the delayed root sound in the syncopated rhythm. Following the ninth, continue playing the remaining phrases precisely if they had been electric bass sounds. That riff should be played with a couple of the songs.

Step 15: To Take The Performance To The Next Level, Lower The First String To Something Like The Twelfth Fret 

That would be the riff where the instrument truly begins to screech. Continue to practice by performing together with the music to develop a sense of the twists. Take notice of what kind of vibrato is utilized to provide the sound’s personality and values (whenever you “rock” a note).

Step 16: To Conclude The Solo, Repeat The Last Part, Ignoring The High-pitched Tones On The Seventeenth Fret 

The final portion of the melody goes wonderful when you periodically pluck a B-string when all the strings are on the equivalent fret. This might give some energy and strength to the whole solo part as you perform, allowing you to mimic several of the song’s spirits.

Step 17: Play Your Outer Bridge Chords 

After the solo, swiftly touch the twelfth and thirteenth frets upon the position of the B-string (second string). Afterward, to go straight into the song verse, play a modest version of song bridge (both G with the A force notes).

For the most delicate impact, palm silence the final multiple chords when you clearly understand how to play. Then this is the last step of how to play Seven Nation Army on guitar.

Start With The Best Guitar For Better Learning

Eart 6 String Solid-body Electric Guitar 

With their awesomely crafted guitars EART, another unique company is paying awareness for the robust power instruments at such a reasonable cost. This comparatively recent manufacturer impresses most guitar players at highly affordable rates with their unbelievable performance. They are currently such a lesser-known company with some internet evaluations that make them an undiscovered treasure in the guitar market.

Rise by Sawtooth Electric Guitar Pack 

Starters for a deal should seriously take a look at this digital guitar package from Sawtooth. Stronger still, this really is a cheap compilation of all that a young guitarist needs to do in the lengthy period. You will receive a rather strong transportable amp, a cable to connect, a guitar harness, a pitch pump, a gig suitcase to preserve everything secure.

S.Yairi Compact Acoustic Guitar 

The specs show a predominantly mahogany construction with a wood bridge, pine edge, as well as chrome fittings. In addition, according to where you purchase, you may generally get this YM-02 model in its regular wood color, a softer golden tone, with even the ever-popular black.


We are genuinely hoping that you already find this helpful information on how to play seven nation army on guitar to help you establish your own courage to start your guitar learning journey.  As people who love music a lot, we don’t believe performing pop singles on guitar would be all that tough. From our viewpoint, all you need is determination, enthusiasm, as well as some tricky effort to reach your goals with your guitar.

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