How To Play Piano Man On Harmonica Essential For New User

If you are a music lover, you will have the desire how to play piano man on harmonica essential for new users. Piano and guitar are the two most popular instruments, but this is a favorite instrument of many young people with a busy life. This article will guide you on have the desire to play piano man on harmonica well. 

The sound is melodic, romantic, this instrument is very affordable and easy to get started. You don’t even need to learn advanced music theory knowledge to still play a piece with confidence, a gift to relatives, family, and friends.

If you’re here, I’m sure you’ll love the harmonica. Well, we can all get a lot of fun from learning some interesting facts about hobbies that we never knew – and today I’m here to give you some facts about how to play piano man on harmonica. 

Thus, check out the article below!

In this article, you can find the following:

  • What does harmonica structure include?
  • How long does it take to learn harmonica?
  • The fastest way to play harmonica
  • How to choose the best harmonica for new user

What does harmonica structure include?

To play the harmonica well, we’d like to possess basic knowledge of this trumpet to be ready to use it competently. There are three sorts of harmonicas: 16 holes, 20 holes, and 24 holes. We’ll focus more on the 24-hole type during this article because this is often the foremost common sort of trumpet. First, however, it’s some limitations as follows:

  • Can’t play cockroaches (but can still play Re#, Sol# using bend and overblow techniques).
  • There are 3 octaves (1 octave is Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si).

The 24-hole harmonica tremolo consists of blowing holes (ordinal number LẺ – symbol +) and spots (ordinal number SELECT – mark – sign) alternately.

  • SELECT sequence hole only sounds when SUCKED in, LOAD hole only sounds when Blow out.

You can see that only holes 9 to 14 are in order: Do, RE, MI, FA SOL, LA. The remaining spots are completely out of order, so you would like to practice to recollect where the notes are on the trumpet.

How long does it take to learn harmonica?

How long or not depends on your diligence. But there are the subsequent vital factors:

Choose an easy song and repeat it repeatedly within the first days of practice

In the first few times, choose the easy song and play it dozens of times to urge your ears won’t to the sound of the trumpet. That is the way you’ll touch and blow later, without having to repeat the notes in your mouth. Moreover, this is often also how to practice quick calculation within the note table. Later once you know the primary notes, you’ll determine even all the notes within the piece.

Get within the habit of blowing the trumpet to the beat.

Remember to urge within the habit of blowing the trumpet to the beat. Because the foremost important thing when playing music is keeping the moment. Please don’t blow it long now, then blow it fast. When it’s rhythmic, your music is going to be challenging to succeed.

Take excellent care of the trumpet

Taking excellent care of the trumpet is additionally an important note. Because the trumpet is sweet, clean, it’ll bring a sense of pleasure and readiness when practicing. Especially, don’t share trumpets to avoid spreading respiratory diseases!

Practice often

It is recommended to practice regularly for about 2 hours each day to extend air entering the lungs. Many of us find that they’re excited at this point then blow easily. It’s also not advisable to practice too long today and practice insufficient tomorrow. If your health is weak, you’ll quickly get dizzy when blowing for an extended time.

Drink water before blowing the trumpet

On summer days, many of us often suffer from dry lips. When blowing, lips glide on the trumpet, usually not smooth, easy to harm after blowing. The simplest thing is to drink water before blowing and moisten two pieces of shell on the trumpet where the lips touch, thus minimizing the damage caused by dry lips.

And one last important thing that harmonicas need maybe a passion for this beautiful but powerful little trumpet. You’ve got to be passionate to play well, right?

The fastest way to play harmonica

When learning anything, you concentrate on practicing and remembering each step, so it doesn’t take much time, but learning will be faster. Here’s the way to play the harmonica for beginners.

Step 1: How to hold the trumpet

When learning to play the harmonica, many of us often think it shouldn’t be too important to carry the trumpet but hold it comfortably. However, this is usually one of the incorrect thoughts because holding the harmonica properly will assist you in learning to play the trumpet faster, more effectively, and the other way around. Therefore, you would like to find out the form to hold the trumpet properly from the primary lessons.

Here’s the way to hold the harmonica properly for your reference:

  • Hold the harmonica together with your left so that the trumpet is between your thumb and index, and these two fingers are parallel to the trumpet’s body.
  • Use the palm of your right to embrace the left.

Note: You hold the trumpet from left to right, the bass notes are within the left, and therefore the bar notes are within the request.

Step 2: Play the trumpet

Usually, there are two ways to play the harmonica: blowing 1 row of holes and blowing two holes. 

  • Blow a row of holes

Puckering the lips sort of a flute makes the dog’s tongue U-shaped, causing the air to blow and inhale directly into the opening on the trumpet

Use the upper or lower lip to dam the remaining row and leave only the note you would like to play. Take many notes directly and blow.

  • Blow two rows of holes

Open your big mouth and absorb eight halves (16 small squares) at an equivalent time to play raft and chords. When blowing two to 3 sounds simultaneously, the auxiliary sounds act as an accompaniment to the sounds of the most melody.

Note that many beginners often have their lips stuck to the harmonica, so it’s challenging to maneuver. Therefore, before practicing or playing, you ought to lick your lips to urge wet. 

How to choose the best harmonica for new user

When it involves musical instruments, you’ll need to ask the question of what quiet instrument you’re suitable for, right? So today we will be able to suggest you a really beautiful piece of art that’s the harmonica.

In today’s modern life, after stressful working hours, we always want to seek out highly entertaining games and experiences to relax our minds. additionally to traditional ways of entertainment like watching TV, playing sports, cooking, etc., playing musical instruments is additionally an excellent thanks to limit stress and relieve pressure. When it involves musical instruments, you’ll need to ask the question of what quiet instrument you’re suitable for, right? So today we will be able to suggest to you a really beautiful piece of art that’s the harmonica. to urge started with this subject, additionally to passion and love, another important factor is: what’s the key to picking a harmonica for beginners? Here we’ll find out:

There are now too many options available to you find the proper harmonica. As we said above there are many sorts, so counting on that, the worth of every type also varies.

Features of harmonica tutoring suitable for beginners

  • If you’re a beginner, you ought to only choose Tremolo Harmonica or Diatonic Harmonica, don’t choose Chromatic Harmonica because this trumpet is extremely complicated, requiring players to possess good knowledge of musical theory to be ready to play.
  • Tremolo Harmonica or Diatonic Harmonica: Choose consistent with your needs and age. If you’re a youth, you ought to choose Diatonic (10-hole type) with compact design and sound suitable for children, and if you’re an oldster, you ought to choose Tremolo because it’s suitable for people music. Traditional, old music.
  • Beginners should prefer to play in Key C (C tone) because a C-tone harmonica will assist you easily access this instrument and most elementary harmonica textbooks are written for the C key and lots of one more reason, etc.

What is your favorite genre of music?

There are three main sorts of harmonica within the world: Tremolo, 10-hole Diatonic, and Chromatic. With each type, there’ll be musical genres suitable for it, so you ought to choose the proper sort of trumpet which will play well the music you would like to play.

If you wish blues, country, and rock ‘n’ roll, the 10-hole Diatonic trumpet is specifically designed to suit playing these sorts of music.

And if you’re keen on classical music: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach…, Jazz music; Music with many unusual accents, music can only perform best on the Chromatic Harmonica. Because the composition of the music is complicated, it requires the player to possess a basic knowledge of music theory.

The harmonica is an easy-to-play instrument, so it’s suitable for all ages from students, students, or music professionals, as long as you’ve got passion and love for this instrument, you’ll be ready to play songs. your favorite music or follow your musical dreams.

For new players, you ought to choose the Tremono Harmonica, this is often an easy-to-play instrument, the sound is opposite, full-bodied, wide-range, you’ll blow many notes.

Choose a harmonica for beginners. Like any instrument , there are varieties, designed for beginners, and therefore the harmonica is not any exception.

Key C (tone C) is the tone that beginners should choose. There are many reasons but the foremost important is that the majority basic harmonica textbooks are written for the key of C, a C-tone harmonica will offer you quick access to the present instrument.

Above are a number of my knowledge about this sort of harmonica, hope it can assist you in choosing an appropriate harmonica.

You can watch this video – How to play harmonica for beginners


Instead of listening to other people perform, many people also want to try and show their talent and passion. And one of the selected instruments is the harmonica. So how to play piano man on harmonica essential for new users delivers the right tune is what beginners are also looking for.

The harmonica is no longer strange to everyone when it comes to it. Because of its musical, gentle sound and the ability to play many types of music, the harmonica seems to have won the hearts of not only instrument lovers. Even young people who can’t play are swept away every time they hear the harmonica sound.

Choosing the harmonica to practice and play is very important, but this is quite difficult for beginners.

The Tremolo, Diatonic, and Chromatic harmonica are the most popular harmonicas in the world. If you need to buy a guitar for beginners, you can refer here. Besides, if you need to buy a midi drum pad, you can refer here.

However, choosing a suitable trumpet and trumpet is always a complex problem for beginners to play the harmonica. This is probably also the question that new harmonica players ask the most.

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