EV ZLX 12P Reviews – Best Full Range Powered Loudspeaker For Your Needs

You want to make sure you’re getting the best sound quality for your needs, but it’s hard to know what will work best. There are a lot of different types of speakers out there and they all have their own pros and cons. It can be really confusing trying to figure out which one is right for you.

The EV ZLX 12P loudspeaker is perfect if you need a full-range powered speaker that delivers high-quality sound with low distortion at any volume level. This speaker has been designed specifically for use in live music, houses of worship, nightclubs, restaurants, retail stores, and more!

Here is our review of EV ZLX 12P. Check out right now!

Things To Consider When Buying EV ZLX 12P



Bestseller No. 1
Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12" 2-Way 1000W Full Range Powered Loudspeaker ZLX-12BT
  • High‑quality Bluetooth audio streaming for background music or musical accompaniment
  • Quick Smart DSP features best‑in‑class processing
  • High‑efficiency 1000 W Class‑D power amplifier delivers up to 126 dB peak SPL utilizing transducers designed and engineered by EV
  • EV‑patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design provides precise and consistent coverage, minimal distortion, and maximized acoustical loading
  • Three optimally located handles and a rugged composite structure
Bestseller No. 2
Electro-Voice EVM12L 12" Classic Guitar Loudspeaker, 200 Watts at 8 Ohms
  • Known for huge tone, gorgeous low-end, and incredible stability at extreme volumes
  • The high-performance heavy duty design ensures a classic sound and road-ready reliability
  • Heavy-duty cast frame for reduced low-frequency flex
  • Used full range, the frequency response is tailored for brilliant lead guitar performance and classic guitar tones
  • An excellent speaker for guitarists in every style and genre
Bestseller No. 3
Electro-Voice ELX200-10-CVR Deluxe Padded Cover for ELX200-10 and 10P Speakers
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction with padded interior
  • Custom-fitted for ELX200-10 and 10P speakers
  • Helps protect gear during storage and transportation
Bestseller No. 4
Electro-Voice ELX200-12S 12" Passive Subwoofer ELX200-18S
  • 1600 W (peak), 133 dB peak SPL utilizing high sensitivity transducer designed and engineered by EV for maximum punch
  • High-output EVS-18L woofer designed to exacting specifications for superior durability and exceptional low-frequency reproduction
  • System reliability verified with over 500 hours of abuse testing and endurance testing
  • Ideal for portable and installed applications
  • Lightweight, compact 15 mm wood enclosure with internal bracing with durable polyurea top-coat finish
Bestseller No. 5
Electro-Voice EVID EVID 3.2 White
  • A very compact full-range loudspeaker great for indoor and outdoor applications requiring high-quality sound
  • Designed for a near invisibility ideal in music systems at restaurants, bars, retail, etc.
  • Dual LF transducers provide extended bass and greater power handling and output
  • The careful shaping, location, and 10° splaying of the LF units provide coverage control by the resulting line array
  • EVID’s mounting system provides a greater range of aiming angles in both horizontal and vertical planes than you might expect
Bestseller No. 6
Electro-Voice Loudspeaker (ETX10P)
  • 10-inch LF SMX woofer
  • 1.25-inch HF titanium compression driver
  • 2000 W Class-D power amplifier with integrated FIR-Drive DSP

The first thing to consider when buying EV ZLX 12P is design. This subwoofer comes with a very slim profile. If you are looking for something that looks sleek without compromising on performance, then pick EV ZLX 12P.

If you like to play with the amp upright, the speaker may not fit well into your room. When playing upright, there is just not enough space for your feet and that’s why it needs to be played on its side. It has a bigger footprint than most of the other amps in this range as well as other powered speakers.


The next thing to consider is construction. The subwoofer comes with a vinyl finish which feels great. While most speakers look good when they are new, there are several damages that can happen to the speaker after some time. The vinyl finish is durable and looks pristine for years without much maintenance.

Sound Quality

The next thing to consider when choosing the best loudspeaker is sound quality.  Now, this is a bit of a tricky subject, because sound quality can be difficult to define.  

In most aspects of life, people have a shared understanding of what “sound quality” means: Good sound is crisp and clear, with no static or distortion.  Bad sound is muddled and harsh, with lots of static and distortion.  However, in the context of loudspeakers, these associations don’t always hold up.



Speaker power output and efficiency determine much of a loudspeaker’s sound quality.  Our research and experience have led us to conclude that speakers with higher power ratings and/or higher efficiency tend to sound better than those with low power and/or low efficiency.  

This is because speakers with higher power ratings are more capable of producing higher volumes at lower distortion, whereas speakers with low power tend to run out of steam early on in the volume department.  Additionally, more efficient speakers are less likely to distort under heavy use than less efficient models.

Loudness Distortion

Speaking of distortions, let’s talk about what they are.  A loudspeaker will distort if its power output is not matched by the impedance load it is driving, or if there is any mismatch between speaker drivers, causing one to take more of the load than the other.  

Most system integrators know this, but many don’t realize that there are different kinds of distortion, and understanding them can help you choose a loudspeaker that will sound great for years to come.  

Frequency Range

The frequency range of the speaker (i.e. how low and high it can go) determines which frequencies it will be able to accurately reproduce when they are sent through the speaker by a sound system or mixer.  

Most speakers have an extended frequency range, meaning that they can play both deep bass sounds and higher treble sounds without any problems.  

Some speakers, however, are designed for very specific applications that don’t require an extended frequency range (low-frequency sounds in some cases, high-frequency sounds in others).


Maximum SPL

The “SPL” of a loudspeaker is its sound pressure level – or how loud it can get before becoming distorted or causing damage. Most of the time, this is determined by how large the speaker is (i.e., one 12″ loudspeaker won’t be able to get as loud as two 6″ speakers) and how much power it can handle before distorting (a 1000W amplifier will cause more SPL than a 500W amplifier).

Crossover Frequencies

A crossover frequency is a point at which a speaker stops producing low frequencies and starts producing high frequencies. Most speakers are constructed with one fixed crossover frequency, but some have adjustable crossover frequencies.  

Speakers with fixed crossovers tend to sound better than those with adjustable crossovers because they can be perfectly tuned to match the other speakers in the system or to work with a particular sound mixer or amplifier.

Conversely, adjustable crossovers mean that the speaker may not sound as good as it could if it were perfectly matched for your needs.



Nowadays, most loudspeakers are built to be portable and durable at the same time. We have seen some speakers that are so heavy and bulky, they may as well be bricks!  

Speakers with handles built into the sides are very convenient for transportation, but once again there is a tradeoff. Generally speaking, heavier speakers are more durable than lighter ones, but not always.


The question of whether or not you get what you pay for is one of the most common questions customers ask us. The answer, simply put, is no. Speaker manufacturers are notorious for jacking up prices without any justification – sometimes even charging more for a speaker with fewer features!  

However, there are some cases where speakers are actually more expensive simply because they are better speakers. These cases are few and far between, however, which is why it’s important for you to know what you’re looking at before you spend your hard-earned cash.

EV ZLX 12P Review

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P 12" 2-Way 1000W Full Range Powered Loudspeaker ZLX-12BT
  • High‑quality Bluetooth audio streaming for background music or musical accompaniment
  • Quick Smart DSP features best‑in‑class processing
  • High‑efficiency 1000 W Class‑D power amplifier delivers up to 126 dB peak SPL utilizing transducers designed and engineered by EV
  • EV‑patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design provides precise and consistent coverage, minimal distortion, and maximized acoustical loading
  • Three optimally located handles and a rugged composite structure

EV ZLX 12P loudspeaker is one of the most compact and power-packed professional speakers in its class. It fits perfectly into small kiosks or entertainment areas.

It is a 2-way system powered by a 12-inch woofer and 1-inch titanium dome compression driver coupled with a premium quality elliptical directivity waveguide for exceptional performance over a wider area at a longer throw distance.

Built to last, it is made of rugged materials with high-quality components that will provide years of trouble-free operation. It has a full feature set that would satisfy most demanding applications including wireless microphone support and a built-in 24 bit DSP section.

Connections are made via professional locking combo XLR / ¼ ” input connectors, Speakon output connector compatible with all competitive brands. It provides a total output power of 700 W peak (350 W continuous).

The actual unit weight is only 48 lbs / 21.8 kg making its transport a breeze even for people with limited strength and reach. Borrowed from the professional line, ZLX-12P has all features expected by most demanding users.

Who Is EV ZLX 12P For?


The EV ZLX 12P is a loudspeaker that is aimed towards DJs, musicians, performers, and the most demanding live sound applications. These speakers are designed to deliver amazing performance without taking up too much space in comparison to most other speakers on the market.

This loudspeaker was designed to produce a high-quality sound and be as lightweight and durable as possible which is why it’s been used by most popular hip-hop DJ’s including for example The Crystal Method, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Rusko & Bassnectar.

Pros Of EV ZLX 12P

The speakers are lightweight so they are easy to transport which makes them very useful for mobile DJs

They are smaller in size so spaces can be cleared out more efficiently to accommodate other necessities such as a DJ table or mixer

It is durable because the speaker casing is made of aluminum which will withstand any physical damage that may occur while it’s being transported or during live performance.

The speakers produce high-quality audio that will not disappoint even the harshest critic while not taking up too much space.

Cons Of EV ZLX 12P

The price is a bit higher than what most people would like to spend on a regular basis.

They don’t produce the biggest sound and in some cases, you might need to add in another speaker or two if you are looking to fill up a bigger space.

The bass response frequency is 60 Hz which isn’t very impressive in comparison to other speakers available on the market.

Features & Benefits



EV ZLX 12P loudspeaker is perfect for its design. It comes with a stylish metal grille with magnetic fluid that covers the entire front of the enclosure. The magnetically attached speaker grill makes it easier to transport by removing the need for separate protective bags or cases.

EV Zlx12p comes in two different colors, black, and white which looks very nice on any type of stage. The metal grille adds a modern touch and eliminates the need for a separate bag.


The speaker is very durable and sturdy, we treat it very gently because we don’t want to break it and we like this product more than any other speaker. There isn’t much protection on the back of the speaker but it has rubber feet which allows you to place it anywhere without scratching or damaging the surface.


This speaker is very powerful and can pump out a maximum of 1000 watts, which is very good if you don’t have the money to buy two speakers. In terms of power, this product is better than most other products in its category. You won’t be having any problems with it as long as you master the speakers to their max.

In terms of power, this product is better than most other products in its category.  You won’t be having any problems with it as long as you master the speakers to their maximum potential.

Sound Quality

The product has an excellent sound quality and the EV ZLX 12P is loud enough to be heard at vast distances. The sound is super clear and it doesn’t distort which means that your audience will hear every beat of the music you play for them. This speaker can also hold its own as a monitor if need be.


Frequency Range

In terms of the frequency range, the product is very good, it can produce a deep low end and a crystal clear high-end. It has a frequency range between 60 Hz to 18 kHz which most speakers in its category don’t have so this speaker really stands out from the rest.


This product has an output of a 12-inch subwoofer with 1000 watt power. It also contains a high-frequency driver that can produce 150 watts RMS and 300 watts peak.  This speaker is perfect for small venues, solo artists, practice spaces, and anywhere you need to play your music.

Weight & Dimensions

The dimensions are 22.6 x 16.8 x 22.5 inches and it weighs 52 pounds which is very reasonable for a 1000 watt speaker, this product is meant to be lightweight so you can easily transport it from one location to another if needed be.

Sound Level

The speaker is very loud and you can use it in large spaces without any issues. You can also make this speaker even louder by adding more speakers to the mix which is exactly what we do.  

Your audience will be able to hear your music even if they are far away from the stage which makes us love this product even more. The sound level is not distorted which means you can play it at full volume without any problems.

This is not a silent speaker it has an acceptable noise level where you can hear what you are playing but isn’t extremely loud. The volume of the speaker is very good and it’s perfect for venues where loudness isn’t necessary.



This speaker is compatible with much different equipment such as mixers, amplifiers, and instruments.  It has a ¼” and XLR combo input for each channel which allows you to add more speakers if need be.

This product is very compatible because you can hook up almost any type of equipment except for MIDI or Apple products because that isn’t compatible.  This speaker can be very easily hooked up to any type of amplification system without any issues.


The product has several features such as, the front-firing bass port which is in charge of eliminating any unwanted noise or distortion when you play your music. The EV ZLX 12P also contains XLR and ¼” inputs for each channel allowing you to play your music with almost any type of equipment.

The optional Z-rail mounting system allows you to mount several speakers together in order to make them more portable which makes this product even better. This product also includes rubber feet that protect the speaker from scratching or damaging the surface you place it on.


The price is relatively cheap compared to other products with similar quality. The speaker is a good buy for the money and the quality of the sound, design, and durability of this product makes it our most favorite speaker that we have ever reviewed.


Electro-Voice ELX200-10-CVR 

Electro-Voice ELX200-10 10" 1200W 2-Way Full Range Passive Loudspeaker
  • 1200 W (Peak), 127 dB peak SPL system that is reliability verified with over 500 hours of abuse testing and endurance testing to 4x typical industry practices
  • 1.4 inch DH-1C (1 inch exit) titanium compression driver for extended transparent high-frequency response
  • High-output EVS-10M woofer designed to exacting specifications for superior durability and exceptional low-frequency reproduction
  • EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design provides precise and consistent coverage, minimal distortion, and maximized acoustical loading
  • Professional-grade hardware: three M10 threaded mounting points for forged eyebolts, integrated pole-mounts and the proven ZLX two-handle design for easy lifting.Axial Sensitivity (SPL, 1 W @ 1 m):90dB

Electro-Voice ELX200-10-CVR is a good candidate if you’re looking for a portable 2-way compact loudspeaker. It’s built to withstand the outdoor elements with its powder-coated steel grill and polypropylene enclosure.

The crossover is designed to provide constant power as it adapts to different SPLs, keeping your sound smooth as frequency response transitioning between lows and highs does not occur suddenly.

On the back of the cabinet, you will find an input panel that consists of XLR combo jacks and 1/4″ TS phone jacks. The power output is rated at 200 watts which is more than enough for small venues with no more than 100 people. Electro-Voice ELX200-10-CVR is engineered to offer high SPL output with flat frequency response.

Electro-Voice ELX200-10-CVR  is a compact and lightweight loudspeaker that is built for live applications including DJ performances, presentations, corporate events, stage monitoring, and more. It’s equipped with a 15″ woofer plus 1.4 titanium compression driver coupled to an open back, vented enclosure.

ELX 200-10-CVR  includes three different access points on the enclosure for convenient carrying and setup. It features a durable, compact design with low power requirements making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sound reinforcement system on a budget.

JBL IRX108 Bluetooth PA IRX 108BT

JBL IRX108 Bluetooth PA IRX 108BT, Black
  • 1000 watts of power
  • Two mic/line combo inputs & XLR
  • Bluetooth connection
  • One touch ducking
  • Feedback Suppression

JBL IRX108 Bluetooth PA IRX 108BT is a rich and powerful PA speaker that is built with a 20-pound cast iron base.

The enclosure of the JBL IRX108 Bluetooth PA IRX 108BT  is covered by a durable black powder coating which offers protection from scratches, dents, oil spills, and other outdoor elements.

A full range 8″ woofer plus 1″ high-frequency compression driver is powered by a Class D amplifier with 100 watts of power, while an elliptical waveguide provides superior clarity and consistent coverage across the entire listening area.

JBL IRX108 Bluetooth PA IRX 108BT  is very compatible with almost any type of equipment including mixers, amplifiers, instruments, and much more. The form factor of this product makes it easy to transport from one place to another.

JBL IRX108 Bluetooth PA IRX 108BT  is a very versatile loudspeaker that can be used for almost any type of function including live performances, presentations, corporate events, and more. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a product that is affordable plus has great sound and design.

Alto Professional TX215 

Alto Professional TX215 TX215 ALTO Professional TX215 | 600-Watt 15-Inch 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker with Active Crossover and Integrated Analogue Limiter
  • 600 Watts peak, (300 Watts continuous class D power), newly designed horn delivers extemporary coverage 90 Degree H x 60 Degree V
  • Driving Bass, pristine highs - 15-Inch (381 mm) LF driver, 2-Inch (50.8 mm) voice coil, 1-Inch (25.4 mm) neodymium HF compression driver
  • Setup Simplified - Lightweight, cabinet design for easy transport, set up and installation; Suitable for pole-mounting or use as a wedge monitor
  • Balanced XLR Mic/Line input, Link Output and Volume control; integrated analogue limiter and overload protection circuitry
  • Precision Engineered - Designed and tuned in the USA

Alto Professional TX215 is a 15″ 2-way powered speaker with a built-in 400W Class D amplifier. The speaker has a single 1″ HF neodymium driver that has an aluminum voice coil and the low end is handled by a powerful 10″ woofer.

In addition to standard volume control, bass and treble controls are available as well as 2 separate full-range speaker-level inputs and a line input allowing for multiple source connectivity.

A preamp-out is also available for connecting additional powered speakers or amplifiers. The system can be mounted via the integrated 3/8″ (9,5mm) pole mount receptacle and 35-mm stand socket on top of the enclosure. Also, there is a 35-mm speaker pole socket on the side of the enclosure.

Each input channel is equipped with an XLR and ¼ “TRS phone jack line-level input that can be used simultaneously. A dual-function control allows for either bridging those inputs to one mono channel or using them as separate input channels for more flexibility.

This is especially useful when connecting a DJ mixer to the speaker. In this case, you can use the XLR input and connect your mixer using a standard unbalanced RCA cable.



How much power can it output?

The EV ZLX 12P can output 370 W peak – 360 W continuous. With its professional-grade components, including a powerful five-inch woofer and a neodymium compression driver backed by a tweeter assembly for excellent dispersion, the EV ZLX 12P has been designed to offer extraordinary performance from installation in front of an audience or from any other loudspeaker position on stage.

Whether it is used to provide critical PA support in large rooms or delicate sound reinforcement within smaller spaces, this versatile loudspeaker provides the type of power and sonic clarity that features prominently in live events today.

Can you use off-board effects with the loudspeaker?

Yes, You can plug your favorite effects unit of any make or model straight into an XLR input, put them through a dedicated filter section with variable frequency sweep and engage them.

A separate line-level stereo input is also on offer for mixers that do not have effects send/returns, plus an auxiliary input for plugging in a CD player or other signal source.

What are the dimensions of the plugs on the speaker?

The power cord features a detachable IEC connector for use with an appropriate power cord. The speaker has a female XLR input for the power cord and one male XLR connector AES/EBU digital audio output (XLR).


The EV ZLX 12P loudspeaker is a high-end product that offers an immersive sound experience. The speaker has two woofers, one tweeter, and four passive radiators to provide the best audio performance for music lovers.

With its Class D amplifier powering up to 2400 watts of power, this speaker can fill any room with crystal clear sound while maintaining excellent bass response.

If you are interested in upgrading your home theater system or if you want a portable PA system for smaller events, give the EV ZLX 12P loudspeaker serious consideration!

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