Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Reviews – Best Electric Guitar For You To Consider

When you buy a guitar, it’s typically either because you’ve been playing for years and want to upgrade or because you’re interested in starting. You may not know much about guitars or what the different parts do. This is why we created this article: to educate people on how guitars work and what they need to know when purchasing the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar.

If you’re not a musician and just want to play guitar as a hobby, it can be hard to choose the right instrument. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro is for those of us who don’t need all the bells and whistles of an expensive electric guitar. It has an iconic look with some excellent features that make it easier for beginner musicians to learn how to play.

Here are our detailed reviews of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar in 2021. Let’s check it out!

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar Review

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar (Ebony)
  • Mahogany body
  • 700T Humbucker pickups
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 24.75 Scale

This Epiphone guitar is the version of a traditional Gibson Les Paul. The Pro is Epiphone’s flagship model and has been since the 1950s. It can be seen on stages from coast to coast as well as in rehearsal halls, garages, and living rooms near you. 

The Epiphone Pro features a number of cosmetic upgrades that make it far more attractive than other models, including a gold top finish with a fine-looking carved top made from mahogany for serious guitarists who want it all. This guitar also includes gold hardware, a LockTone tune-o-matic bridge, and a stop bar tailpiece. The solid mahogany body has a lot of colors thanks to the stunning gold finish, and it’s matched very nicely with the maple top.

This guitar has been designed to provide the feel and look of a vintage Gibson Les Paul, with modern features that make it more playable than ever. The body is made from mahogany, which gives the guitar its classic tone and sustains. It’s lightweight, making it easy on your hands when playing long sets or sitting down at home practicing chords. 

Plus, this affordable option comes in many different colors, so you can find one that suits your style! Give the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar a try if you are looking for an entry-level guitar without breaking the bank!

Furthermore, it’s loaded with two Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers with coil tap for both classic rock and heavy metal sounds! This guitar has multiple pickup options to give you plenty of versatility, depending on your music style or mood. The tone knob really brings out a wide palette of colors, not to mention the coil-splitting feature where you can make it sound like a single-coil or a humbucker. If you’re into crunch and distortion, this one delivers.

Ideal for rock, blues, country, and heavy metal, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro rocks a mahogany body with a maple veneer top enforced by tough maple strips. The 24.75″ scale rosewood fingerboard is also adorned with Pearloid trapezoids depicting alternate position markers along the 18-fret neck, which reads “Epiphone.”

A bolt-on mahogany neck features a comfortable D profile with a smooth rosewood fingerboard and 22 medium-jumbo frets. You get a detailed nut cut and everything is well done without sharp fret edges, full marks here! The fret job is OK but we have seen better, although not at this price point of course.


  • Affordable price
  • LockTone tune-o-matic bridge
  • A maple top on a mahogany body
  • Suit for both beginners and professionals 
  • Two humbucker pickups with coil-splitting
  • Ideal for rock, blues, country, and heavy metal


  • The rosewood fretboard is dyed very darkly with almost no visible grain lines

Outstanding  Features & Benefits Of Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar

epiphone les paul standard pro

Suitable For Anyone

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar is a popular choice for beginners and professionals alike. The difference in price makes it perfect for musicians who are just starting out to get their hands on the tools of the trade. 

What doesn’t veteran guitar player remember playing an Epiphone when they were first getting started? With this gorgeous guitar, you’ll be reminded of times long gone by while still enjoying modern trappings like two Alnico Classic humbucker pickups with coil-splitting, allowing you to go from thick rhythm tones to crisp, searing lead sounds at will. The factory setup is truly excellent, with low action and no buzzing anywhere on the fretboard. It’s a dream to play in both acoustic modes or through an amplifier. 


The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro is equipped with Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers wired to independent volume and tone controls with a three-way selector switch. An additional mini-switch is employed to choose pickup coil-splitting via push/pull control on the master tone pot.


This guitar comes equipped with Alnico Classic PRO pickups, which are designed to replicate some of the most famous Gibson PAF humbuckers of all time. The neck pickup is slightly warmer with a higher output, while the bridge offers more bite and sparkle. Either way, you will enjoy not only the vintage tone but also a full response to your playing dynamics.


The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro has an excellent neck with a short satin finish that feels great to play. It’s noticeably better than the other Epiphone Les Paul Standard models in terms of speed and comfort factor, while the action is perfect for riffs and solos.


It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for an affordable Les Paul that sounds terrific and plays like a much more expensive guitar. The finish, hardware, and pickups make it stand out from other models in its price range, and the guitar itself is built like a tank. An all-around great job by Epiphone, who can’t afford to rest on their laurels as Gibson keeps them on their toes with new improvements to their classic designs.

All Aspects You Need To Consider When To Buy A Electric Guitar

epiphone les paul standard pro

Electric guitars are the most popular type of guitar in today’s music scene. They produce a unique sound and can create different kinds of sounds than acoustic guitars. When you’re ready to take the plunge and buy an electric guitar, it can seem like a daunting task. If you’re looking to buy an electric guitar, there are several things to consider before making your purchase. 

Size And Weight

Not everybody has access to an extensive collection of electric guitars for testing out in person before they buy. But there are still things you can look at that will help you narrow down your search. The first thing is size and weight because this has a significant impact on the overall appeal of the guitar. 

For example, a lighter electric guitar might suit somebody who doesn’t have easy access to electricity on stage or at their practice space. In contrast, a heavier model would be more appropriate for somebody who plans to play outside or in a large space.

Your Purpose

Electric guitars have three main components: the body, neck, and pickups. In some cases, different models can have pretty drastically different looks but still have the same basic construction beneath the surface. To help you narrow down your search for an electric guitar to fit your needs, think about what you’ll be using it for. 

If you’re playing at home or in an intimate setting, you might prefer a smaller electric guitar with fewer knobs and switches, whereas if you’re performing at large venues or out on tour, having more features can help make up for the lack of size to really put on a show.

Your Budget

Different guitars will have different price ranges, so start by deciding how much you want to spend. If you are just starting out, try not to spend more than $500-700 on a guitar because this is where things can get too expensive without really improving sound quality very much. 

But if you’ve been playing a while already and are ready for an upgrade from a lower-end or used guitar, a mid-range price point is about $1000 or so. If you’re looking to play it professionally, buy the best you can afford.

Accessories And Features

epiphone les paul standard pro

There are a large number of accessories and features that you might want to think about when shopping for an electric guitar. Some come with built-in preamps, which can help boost the sound of your guitar through your amplifier or PA system. Other models have built-in effects or digital models of famous amps and pedals built-in. Certain models also come with onboard tuners, which simplify the tuning process and ensure that you can keep your guitar sounding its best at all times.


There’s a lot of prestige associated with certain electric guitar brands, so it might be worth spending a bit extra to get your hands on one from a company you trust. Gibson and Fender are two of the most well-known guitar brands, but there are some cool up-and-comers out there as well that might be worth checking out.

Our Recommend For Other Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar

EART Classic Telecaster Electric Guitar

EART NK-C1 Classic Electric Guitar Maple Fingerboard,Stainless Steel Frets,Flame Maple Veneer-Blue
  • Mahogany Body with Flame Maple Veneer:Mahogany is known for superb resonance and rich, lower-mid focused tone.Combined with a gorgeous flame maple veneer, EART NK-C1 is dressed to kill.
  • Contoured Body:Traditional model guitars are known to have a “slab” body that have bad ergonomics. NK-C1 has a forearm contour and a belly cut to improve players’ comfort. The scooped heel joint also helps with shredders for easier high frets access.
  • Hand Polished Stainless Steel Frets:Stainless steel frets provide unrivaled durability and smooth playing surface for nice and easy big bends. Each fret ends are also hand-dressed for playing comfortability.
  • U to C Compound Neck Profile and Compound Radius: NK-C1 has an unique U to C compound neck profile with thicker shoulder on the lower frets, slowly tapers down to a slimmer C to higher frets. Along with a 7.25” to 9.5” compound fingerboard radius, NK-C1 provides excellent playability for both chording and soloing.

The EART series has been designed for those who want to return to a time when guitars were played with a natural, raw sound. The Telecaster Classic is a great guitar for the professional or any player looking for an ideal projection and woody tone. The shape of the body reminds you of Fender’s Nocaster from 1950-1952 without the ashtray bridge cover found on their 1952 models. 

The neck heel, usually hand chiseled into an archtop design, is round on this model giving it that traditional feel that made these guitars so desirable in their heyday. It also features two single coils with staggered pole pieces-a genuine recreation of what was used at the end of 1959 before CBS electrified them in 1960. 

The headstock is a classic era accurate piece that features a 3-layer black/white/black layering, Kluson reproduction tuners, and a traditional decal logo. It has the look of Fender’s mid-60s model without the large “F” logo, which was removed after 1966 due to stringent laws against brand name logos on guitars. 

A rosewood fretboard with 22 frets and 25 1/2″ scale length round out the vintage features that ensure this guitar will bring back memories of the originals you used to hear on stage or records–but now, they are available at an affordable price.

The EART Classic Telecaster Electric Guitar is a mastery of pure, traditional design and construction. It features a single-cutaway body with a maple neck and fingerboard. The Stratocaster offers all the classic sounds you’ve come to love from this time-honored electric guitar. This model comes medium-weight strings set (gauge .009 – 011), bridge pickup, master volume control, master tone control 2 positions 2 switch positions with Delta Tone System for an incredible range of amplified tones.

Unplugged, the EART Classic Telecaster Electric Guitar produces a clear and articulate sound that comes from its mahogany body. The neck is maple with a rosewood fingerboard. These elements combined allow for an organic, natural tone at high volume.

The guitar contains “passive” electronics, which means there are no batteries required to power it since the Eart relies on vibrations to create sound. It has 2 single-coil pickups with 1 volume and 2 tones knobs as well as chrome hardware including a wraparound bridge, strap holders, and chromed aluminum pickguard designed specifically for use with professional players.


  • Great sound quality – not too bright or dull
  • Solid hardware that provides good reliability over an extended life span
  • Beautiful finish that doesn’t wear or tarnish easily
  • Comfortable size
  • Affordable price


  • Relatively low output pickups for a traditional Strat design
  • Potentiometer knobs are smaller than most guitars of this grade

Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Sunburst, Full (GRX70QASB)
  • Quilted Maple Art Grain top
  • T106 tremolo bridge
  • High output Infinity R pickups

The Ibanez GRX6 is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced players alike. It features 24 jumbo frets, which make it simple to play the least complicated of melodies all the way up to complex chords and articulate soloing. The six-string design and 43″ length provide an expansive range of emotions from light, bouncy pop songs to intricate metal ballads with ease.

In addition, the guitar also has a maple neck for increased rigidity as well as enough lead wire on its included strap so that you don’t have to sew them onto the back if want it hanging dongle over your shoulder while you’re playing around with friends or jamming in a band setting. Finally, this GRX model also features Ibanez’s well-known PowerPinch pickups.

The GRX series guitar from Ibanez is an exceptional instrument for beginning and intermediate players. In addition to the affordability, this line of guitars provides a comfortable playing experience with its ergonomic design. 

The Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar features a solid basswood body for clear lows and sharp highs. The maple neck enhances the guitar’s playing quality, making it ideal for beginners or more experienced musicians who are still refining their technique. The rosewood fingerboard has 22 frets with dot inlays that make it easy to navigate your way around this six-string guitar.

The Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar is solidly built with a sleek, classic mahogany body. It features 24 jumbo frets on a Rosewood fingerboard connected to an incredibly quick-playing maple neck with a gloss polyester finish. The neck is very playable and has a satin finish that leads to fast action that feels great in the hands of players of any skill level.

This guitar also contains two Ibanez Custom 57 pickups for clean or distorted tones, 3-way pickup Selector Switch, independent Volume Controls for each Pickup, separate tone control from Bridge/Neck pickups, and die-cast tuners.

For added versatility to your playing style, the Ibanez GRX 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar has two Ibanez S2 humbucker pickups that provide a wide range of sound and music styles for you to enjoy. With controls for master volume and tone along with a five-way selector switch, you can find the perfect sound for any occasion or musical genre. The GRX20 is a guitar you’ll love playing.


  • Affordable price
  • Action isn’t too high
  • Quality, durable tuning machines keep this tune on the rise
  • Nice quality pickups on the wooden neck with rosewood fretboard
  • great for strumming or lead playing sounds perfect every time through the amp. 


  • Rather impossible to achieve tremolo effects because there’s no tremolo arm

RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB Electric Guitar

RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB Electric Guitar Pack, Sunburst
  • Full size black Rock Jam electric guitar with spare strings, guitar picks, and a strap
  • 10 watt amplifier with headphone output with guitar connector cable
  • 3x Single coil pickups for a truly versatile playing experience
  • Whammy bar for those string bending licks.
  • Includes 10w Amp, Gig Bag, Strap, Lead, Picks and Spare Strings

RockJam continues to create some of the most popular guitars on the market. The RJEG02-SK-SB is one of their best offerings yet, which makes it unsurprisingly busy on Amazon at the moment.

The guitar features a flashy white design with gray piping that will catch your eye more than once. An acoustic basswood construction also ensures that this guitar sounds just as good as it looks with clear tones and low volume depending on its surroundings.

There are twenty frets with chrome hardware added for visual flair, but nothing holding back functionality there. Plus, with RockJam’s quality control process, you can be confident in knowing that your instrument will not have any serious defects or setup issues upon arrival.

RockJam is a 38″ scale electric guitar. It typically will take a person between one and two years to be able to play the guitar with proficiency. The neck is wide enough for most players’ hands to ease from one end of the fretboard to the other.

The RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB Electric Guitar Package is a great place to start for beginners. This package includes everything someone needs to get started and has an amazingly affordable price that still looks and feels like a high-quality product. The amp gives plenty of noise, so you can practice anywhere with the headphones, while the guitar itself feels cushioned but not too soft or gummy feeling thanks to its construction from wood materials.

The 90-day warranty covers any manufacturer defect in this package, plus scratches on either the strings or backing off the guitar. The instrument was also designed with children in mind, which helps show how it’s tuned at guitar camp without parents having to tune for their kids when they get home!

The Rock Jam RJEG02-SK-SB Electric Guitar is a perfect solution for players looking to get started or connect with their inner rock star. The faux leather electric guitar design and great sound make it an optimal choice for you, whether your jam sessions are taking place in the garage or at a concert hall.

This guitar is one of the most popular starter guitars for kids. 3 different amp settings and effects provide hours of creative playtime and motivation. Take it anywhere—it’s very light, and compact construction makes it easy to carry around everywhere you go!


  • Affordable price
  • Includes guitar, amp, instructional DVD’s, gig bag with strap, headphones, and more!
  • Great high-quality beginner product that will last for years
  • The 90-day warranty covers damage or defects


  • After the starter kit is set up there isn’t anything left to practice on except an unplugged cord

Closing Thought About Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar

epiphone les paul standard pro

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Electric Guitar is one of the most popular and versatile musical instruments in the world. It’s played at parties, weddings, and funerals; in studios, and on stages across the globe. Whether you play it for fun or professionally, an electric guitar can be a valuable addition to your collection of gear.

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