Epiphone Ej 200Sce Review: Excellent For Beginners, Good For Advanced Players As Well

Are you looking for a new guitar? Epiphone is the world’s leading manufacturer of guitars, and they’re proud to offer their Epiphone EJ 200SCE acoustic-electric guitar. This instrument features an all-solid mahogany body with a natural finish that looks great in any setting. The mahogany neck has a SlimTaper D profile with a 24.75″ scale length, which provides excellent playability and comfort during long sessions.

It also includes Fishman electronics so you can plug it into your favorite amp or PA system without worrying about feedback or other common issues when playing amplified acoustic instruments live on stage. And if you want to get started right away, you’ll be able to plug it in and take advantage of the headphone jack that’s built into the included preamp.

If you’re interested in learning more about this guitar, read the rest of our Epiphone EJ 200SCE review below.

What Is So Special About This Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar

The Epiphone EJ 200SCE is an incredibly versatile instrument, allowing you to play anything from country ballads to hard rock riffs with ease. The all-solid mahogany body gives it a tone that’s perfect for virtually any style. The SlimTaper neck offers fast, smooth playability that will keep you sounding your best while playing live or in the studio.

The set-in neck is bolted to the body with 4-recessed screws, so it doesn’t shift around during aggressive strumming, allowing the instrument to provide you with optimal sustain. The rosewood fretboard is decorated with classic Pearloid trapezoidal inlays that are easy to see on stage, even in poor lighting conditions.

The included Fishman Sonicore pickup and SONiVOX E-design preamp work together seamlessly for excellent amplified performance. The system automatically adjusts the EQ and tone controls to suit the style of music you’re playing, ensuring that you always sound great when cranked through your favorite amplifier or PA system.

epiphone ej 200sce

Who Would This Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar Be Most Useful For

This instrument is ideal for beginners or intermediate players who want an acoustic-electric guitar at a very affordable price. It will allow you to play in any style, and it’s versatile enough to be used on stage or in the studio by advanced players as well.

How This Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar Stacks Up Against Other Guitars

Many guitars in this price range suffer from bad electronics, but the stock Fishman system that comes on the EJ 200SCE is excellent. If you want to upgrade your instrument after purchasing it, it’s simple to find pickups and preamps that fit the 11.88″ width of the body. This guitar is comparable to the Yamaha FG700S, but one advantage it has over this model is its excellent stock preamp.

The Fishman system that’s included with the EJ 200SCE allows you to select which pickup (neck or bridge) and tone control you want to use and then automatically adjusts them for your music. This makes it very simple to dial in a tone that will sound great when playing live.

What We Like And Dislike About This Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar

Fishman electronics are the best you’ll find on a guitar at this price range, and they’re hard to beat even with instruments costing hundreds more. All of the tuners have an excellent feel, and this guitar stays in tune well even when playing regularly. The mahogany used to construct the body of this guitar is of very high quality, but it doesn’t give you quite as bright a tone as pricier models from Martin or Taylor.

The all-black hardware is aesthetically pleasing and functions well, and it helps make this guitar versatile enough to be used by almost any musician. The only criticism many people have is that the EJ 200SCE doesn’t include a gig bag or hardshell case like some similarly priced guitars do.


– With an all-solid mahogany body and neck, the EJ 200SCE provides excellent sound quality

– The SlimTaper mahogany neck is easy to play with a smooth 24.75″ scale length

– As this Epiphone guitar has built-in Fishman electronics, there’s no need to bring a battery with you when you want to play amplified

– The onboard EQ and tone controls adjust automatically for optimal performance when plugged in

– The chrome tuners hold their tune well and stay out of the way so you can play comfortably

epiphone ej 200sce


– Because it’s still a beginner-level instrument, this guitar doesn’t have a solid top like the pricier models from Yamaha or Taylor.

– Although all of the pickups and controls have a great feel, they don’t give you quite as bright a tone as pricier models from Martin do

– The EJ 200SCE doesn’t come with a hardshell case or gig bag like other similarly priced guitars, so you’ll need to buy one separately if you want your instrument to be protected when not in use

– Some users have experienced tuning instability due to the use of low-quality 9V batteries in the stock preamp

Epiphone Ej 200Sce: Factors To Consider When Choosing

Epiphone guitars are made by the Gibson Company, which has been building guitars since 1894. Epiphones are less expensive than Gibsons and usually have a lower grade of wood (although this varies by model). New models like the Ej 200Sce often offer more value for money than vintage models because they use high-quality materials while maintaining competitive prices.

This part will introduce you to factors you need to consider when choosing an Epiphone guitar like the Ej 200Sce.

String Action And Intonation

String action refers to how high the strings are above the fretboard of the guitar. It will be challenging to play if they’re too low because you have to press down too hard on each note. If they’re too high, notes may buzz or sound muffled because the strings cannot vibrate properly.

You can easily adjust the action on most guitars by turning a screw or knob, so this isn’t a big deal unless it’s so high that you get sore fingers from playing. A guitar’s intonation determines whether notes oscillate sharp or flat as you move from one end of the fretboard to another. Most guitars are not strung symmetrically, so their bridge needs to be adjusted to ensure that each note sounds correct.


Epiphone uses Alnico Classic humbuckers on all of their guitars, which are not as good as the higher-quality Alnico Classic Pro models but still provide a better tone than most brands of budget pick-ups. The completely hollow design of the Ej 200Sce means that a lot of sounds will be lost when playing at a high volume without an amp.

epiphone ej 200sce

This can be a drawback if you play live in clubs or bars without an amp, but the Fishman electronics provide a good sound when playing acoustically.

Ease Of Use And Maintenance

Most guitars have all their adjustment knobs on the front of the body, which makes it easy to adjust settings while you’re playing. This guitar has all such controls on the front except for one tone control knob on the side of the body. Some people think this makes it more challenging to use, but it’s a brilliant design because you can reach up and touch the knob without stopping your progress across the fretboard.

The Ej 200Sce doesn’t need much maintenance, but it’s a good idea to make sure that the strap stays tightly fastened, and that tuning pegs and other hardware remain well-oiled to ensure smooth operation and tuning stability.


The body on the Epiphone Ej 200Sce is entirely made from mahogany, which gives it a warm and smooth sound. The guitar looks fantastic with its metallic silver finish and quilt maple veneer top. It also has a very comfortable mahogany neck with a SlimTaper D profile. The Ej 200Sce’s body measures 16″ across and 3.1″ deep, a standard size for an acoustic guitar of this quality and price point.

It weighs just 4 pounds and has 20 frets, making it easy to hold over extended periods while playing without getting fatigued or sore joints.

Overall Value For The Money

Epiphone guitars are usually significantly less expensive than the same models produced by Gibson, but their quality is very high. The Ej 200Sce offers several features that make it an excellent value for money guitar, including an onboard Fishman preamp and a built-in chromatic tuner. You can also use this guitar with an amp to achieve a loud and high-quality tone.

The Ej 200Sce is one of Epiphone’s top-of-the-line guitars, which means that its balanced sound and durable construction make it ideal for both beginners and more experienced players. This model is trendy amongst rock guitarists because it can produce a range of tones and sounds depending on the style of music you’re playing.

epiphone ej 200sce

It’s one of the most affordable Epiphone guitars, but it still has a very high rating with professional and amateur players. Although more expensive models are available from this company, such as the Les Paul Special-II, we feel that the Ej 200Sce offers the perfect balance of price and quality for most beginner guitarists.

It’s a solid top guitar, which means that it can be used even by advanced players to create a wide range of sounds with different tunings and effects. This model is also very versatile so that you can use it for almost any type of music, from country to heavy metal.


Epiphone Ej 200Sce is entirely made from mahogany and features an Alnico Classic humbucker in the neck position and a P-90 single-coil at the bridge. This guitar has a Tune-o-Matic bridge and stops bar tailpiece. The fretboard is rosewood with 22 frets. The fully hollow body of this guitar means that it cannot be played at high volumes without using an amp or PA system.

This guitar does not come with any accessories, which could be inconvenient for some users. This bit will summarize the factors that you should consider when choosing an Epiphone guitar like this one.

Epiphone Ej 200Sce: Some Other Alternatives

If you’re not sure if the Epiphone Ej 200Sce is the right guitar for you, there are other alternatives that you could consider. We’ll now take a look at some of the alternatives available on the market so you can make an informed decision about which one will suit your unique needs and preferences.

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar Vintage Sunburst

The Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is an excellent choice for those wanting a full sound without a plug-in. This acoustic-electric guitar comes with a built-in preamp and offers great amplified sound through its pickup system. It’s also very affordable and comes in several different colors.

Epiphone Les Paul SPECIAL-II Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar (Ebony)
  • Mahogany body
  • 700T Humbucker pickups
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 24.75 Scale

The Epiphone Les Paul Special II is another excellent option for those looking for a versatile electric guitar at an affordable price. With two humbucking pickups and three single-coil pickups, this instrument can be used in any style, including rock, blues, country, and more. This guitar may be marginally heavier than others but is still very comfortable to play.

Alpha Electric Guitar

Alpha Electric Guitar And AMP Music String Instrument Rock Black Carry Bag Steel String
  • 【Great for Beginners】The Alpha Strat-style Electric Guitar comprises a comfortable and glossy Poplar body with a Canadian maple neck and Rosewood fretboard. The neck is smooth and the 22 frets are designed to enable you to play with ease.
  • 【3-way Pickup Switch】the 3-way pickup switch allows you to select your favourite tones from the warm timbre of the humbucker pickups. This versatile electric guitar will suit any genre of music, from rock, pop, blues, to funk, country and more.
  • 【Accessories】Included with the electric guitar is a snazzy whammy bar for the tremolo bridge, 3m guitar cable, guitar bag and other useful accessories (1x strap, 1x tuner, 1x Allen key for fretboard, 1x Allen key for bridge, 6x strings, 3x picks).
  • 【20W AMP】This ALPHA electric guitar combo set also includes a 20W guitar amplifier with dual inputs and controls for bass, middle, treble, gain. There is also a headphone input to stop the neighbours from complaining night and day.
  • 【Warranty】The ALPHA electric guitar set comes with 1-year warranty. Please kindly follow the tips of product caring and storage.

The Alpha Electric Guitar is an entry-level instrument that’s suitable for both beginners and advanced players. It delivers the high-quality sound you expect from a fantastic brand like Epiphone, but at a fraction of the price. This guitar has three single-coil pickups, making it versatile enough to be used in any genre of music.

How To Take Care Of Your Epiphone Ej 200Sce

A guitar is one of those items that people cherish and take care of as best as possible. The Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar, which is a full-size, dreadnought acoustic guitar, should be no exception to this rule. You’ll need to know how to take care of it.

To start with, you may need to do some research and find out what materials your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar is made of and what the specific needs may be for maintenance. It’s essential to learn about these things so you can properly maintain the Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar and keep it in top shape.

epiphone ej 200sce

A tip for when you’re taking care of your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar is to be sure to wipe it down with a soft rag after every time you use it. This will help prevent dust and grime from getting on the guitar, affecting the paint and wood if leftover time. Just be sure not to use too much pressure when you are wiping the guitar down. You don’t want to damage it in any way.

Also, be sure that you’re using the proper materials to clean your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar. If you are thinking about using a cleaning product with ammonia or bleach, you should avoid using it. These can be very harmful to your guitar and cause discoloration. Cleaning the fretboard is a little trickier.

You will need to use some kind of fretboard oil or conditioner that won’t harm the wood on your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar. Guitar manufacturers recommend using something like lemon oil, but you may want to do some more research on this first.

Finally, you mustn’t drop your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar. Dropping the guitar can cause damage to the neck, which can affect how it sounds and how easy it is for you to play. Also, if you do drop it, make sure that you tighten any loose screws, or else the neck and headstock may become misaligned.

The most important thing is not to overdo when taking care of your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar. The guitar should be well-functioning for many years if you maintain it properly. Find the answers either online or by asking your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar dealer if you have any questions.

You should take your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar to an expert once a year or so to make sure everything is in good working order. If you wonder how to take care of your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar, these tips will help guide you.

In the future, you will find that maintaining your Epiphone Ej200Sce Acoustic Jumbo Guitar is a relatively simple process as long as you are willing to put in some time and effort. If you take care of your guitar correctly, it will last for years and encourage you to play more often.

Some Unique Ways To Play The Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar

The Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar is a new instrument that is available in the market. It has unique design features that are not seen on any other guitar before. One of the fantastic ways you can play this guitar is to put it on your chest while strumming it with your left hand while playing with your right hand or even just one finger. The guitar is best enjoyed while seated.

Although, it can also be played standing up (unless there’s no stool or bench for sitting) and even held like a ukelele if you want to. Another great way of playing the guitar with its unique design is to hold it by the neck and use your foot to press against the tailpiece to raise a note, just like a pedal steel guitar.

There are many ways of playing this guitar that makes it even more unique than regular guitars. Another is to plug an external keyboard or synthesizer into it and create some interesting sounds. With its basswood body, Tune-O-Matic bridge and solid mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard, it’s a beautiful sounding instrument that can give any full-sized guitar a run for its money.

The Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar is a beautiful instrument with special design features and unique playing techniques. Play it as you mean it, and enjoy the metallic yet sweet-sounding tones every time! It’s great for beginners and performing artists alike.

FAQs About Epiphone Ej 200Sce

– I heard that you shouldn’t let your guitar go below the temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Is this true?

epiphone ej 200sce

There’s no right or wrong temperature to store the Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar at, so long as it is within a reasonable range. The temperature may affect how the neck and strings feel, but you should be fine playing this guitar at or below 10 degrees.

– What string gauge should I use on Epiphone Ej 200Sce?

Although the guitar comes with factory strings, you can replace them with any set of strings you like. If you feel they are too loose for your liking, opt for a thicker gauge of strings to give your guitar a better sound.

– How often should I tune my Epiphone Ej 200Sce?

Tuning your guitar is required after every 5-7 hours of playing. Make sure that you use the right tuning keys to avoid damage to the neck and tuning pegs. You can use either electronic or mechanical tuners for the best results.

– What is the warranty for this guitar?

Epiphone offers a two-year limited warranty to all its customers. If you encounter any problems with your Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar within this period, do not hesitate to contact the company, and they will sort out the problem for you.

– How can you change the string on Epiphone Ej 200Sce?

You will need a string winder, a screwdriver, and new strings to change the strings on this guitar. You will also need to note the color of the old string so that you can adequately put the new string on.


Now that you know more about the Epiphone Ej 200Sce, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether or not this guitar is suitable for your needs. With a fully hollow body and two pickups, this guitar gives you very rich tones. It is perfect for jazz and blues and can be used to play other genres as well. The choice is up to you!

Don’t forget to check out the Epiphone Ej 200Sce Guitar FAQs before deciding if this guitar is right for you. Go for it now and have a blast with your new guitar!

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