Boss GT-1 Reviews: Amazing Guitar Pedal That You Should Not Miss

The Boss GT-1 is a guitar pedal that is sought after by many guitar players. It features two simultaneous distortion channels and four modes: Distortion, Metal, Insane and Turbo. With the ability to store up to five custom presets per channel and an easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder this pedal has been such a success.

Boss has been a company that has been around for more than 30 years and is known worldwide as one of the finest guitar effect pedal manufacturers. Over the decades, Boss has made many models and some very popular ones include: The Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, The Boss TU-2 Tuner Pedal, The Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal among others. Recently they released their newest addition to their line of pedals which is called the BOSS GT-1.

This new single effects pedal was designed with ease in mind so it can be used by novices or professionals alike. It features two modes which are Clean Boost and Dark Boost so you have more options when using this pedal on your guitar setup.

Benefits of Boss GT-1 Review

BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 is an all in one guitar pedal which has been uniquely designed to provide you with the ultimate sound and ease of use. The BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 comes with a large number of effects such as distortion, delay, chorus, reverb and many more. As well as this it also includes a tuner which can be used at any time. This means that even when you are not plugged in your guitar will still stay in tune allowing you to always be ready to create or perform live no matter what happens.

The BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 is ideal for anyone who wants great quality effects without having to spend hours trying to find them on their own! This is a great pedal for everyone from beginners starting out right up to professionals who need variety in their sound, all of which can be found from the one reliable unit.

Boss GT-1 Reviews

The BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 also comes with a number of different controls so that you can really fine tune your effects and add your own personal flair. This pedal will always stay with you and is the perfect all in one solution for any guitarist that wants to really explore their sound!

The BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 features a number of high quality effects which are sure to satisfy even the most experienced of musicians. The first section includes both your standard rock settings as well as some more advanced effects such as the powerful flanger and the unique phase shifter. Each of these will give you a different range of sounds which can be altered even further using the provided controls to truly make them your own!

The next section is great as it allows you to really fine tune your sound with an authentic sounding analog delay which can also be used as a great tremolo pedal to give your music that truly unique and professional sound. The BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 also includes other great effects such as the compressor, chorus and many more which can all be found on the one fantastic unit.

As well as these effects you will also find a tuner included with this pedal; ideal for keeping your guitar in tune at all times! The BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 is built to last with a sturdy metal casing which will withstand any live performance; the ultimate solution for musicians on the go. This unit will give you that professional sound you crave while allowing you to be creative and explore new sounds without spending hours trying to learn how to play!

Boss GT-1 Reviews

The BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 is the perfect single solution for any musician who needs professional sounds without spending hours looking for them. Everything you might need can be found all in one convenient unit meaning that you will always have the ultimate sound at your fingertips! The fantastic effects are simple enough for everyone but still give you that unique sound, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and create a truly professional sound!

The BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 is a great pedal which can be used by everyone from beginners to professionals. It includes a number of effects such as distortion, delay and many more while also including a tuner to make sure your guitar is always ready to perform. This pedal will let you experiment with other effects and truly personalise your sound meaning that you can have all the music you are looking for just one click away!

Factors To Consider Before Buying Boss GT-1 Review

Electric Guitar Single Effect is a great way to change the sound of your guitar. It’s an easy way for beginners to get started with effects because it doesn’t require any additional equipment or knowledge of how they work. However, there are still plenty of different types out there that you should know about before making your purchase decision. This article will cover some basics and help you understand what type might be best for you.

Kind of player

The first thing to consider is who you are as a player – do you play live performances or just at home? Live performers need more durable equipment that can stand up against the wear and tear from heavy playing while practicing in front of an audience may not need quite as much. If you’re just playing at home, it’s possible to get away with a less expensive model – the choice is yours.

Boss GT-1 Reviews


Electric Guitar Single Effects can range from under $100 up into the thousands depending on what kind of performance level you’re looking for and what style of music you want to play. There are some great guitar effects pedals under $100 that will get you pretty far, but if you’re looking for more options and greater fidelity, the sky’s the limit on what you can spend.

Your Needs

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an electric guitar single effect is what kind of guitar you have and what sounds you’re looking for in your pedal. If you play a Telecaster with single-coil pickups, then it is best to choose one that emphasizes the bass end of the spectrum. For instance, if you are playing clean tones with lots of chime, then this would be an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are playing more distorted tones with a heavier emphasis on low-end frequencies, then an overdrive pedal would be the ideal choice.

Kinds of Effects

There are hundreds of effects pedals to choose from and they all have different sounds and options available. Some will offer only one setting while others will allow you to change almost every parameter of your sound. The more effects there are, the more options you will have with how you shape your tone.


One type of electric guitar single effect pedal is an overdrive or fuzz pedal. This type of effect changes the frequency response of the input signal so that it clips more heavily on the high frequencies, giving a distorted sound. Overdrive pedals can be set to have a mild overdrive effect or a very intense one. Another type of pedal is the distortion pedal which creates a much more extreme version of clipping than an overdrive pedal. Distortion pedals also typically come with added effects such as compression and sustain which makes them even more versatile.

Boss GT-1 Reviews

The Sound Quality of the Pedal or Amp

Sometimes when you are looking for electric guitar single effects, it can be overwhelming because there is just so much to choose from that is out there. If you are not quite sure what kind of guitar effect pedal is right for you, then one trick is to go down to your local music shop and try out a few different pedals on the same guitar, amp and settings. Doing this will give you an idea of what kind of effects you can get out of your chosen guitar setup and help narrow down your options to find the right electric guitar single effect for you.

BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1

BOSS GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor
  • Flagship-class BOSS sound engine squeezed into a light and compact floor unit
  • Modern design with no hard edges enables safe transport in a guitar bag
  • Easy Select and Easy Edit functions for quickly choosing and tweaking patches
  • Four AA batteries provide up to seven hours of playing time for busking and mobile gigs
  • Onboard control switch and expression pedal; footswitch/expression pedal jack and USB

The Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects Processor is a powerful tool for guitarists. It has a wide range of effects that allow you to create nearly any sound imaginable, and can be used with almost any style of music. Unlike other processors, the GT-1 also includes an expression pedal input which allows you to control various parameters such as volume or wah effect. The pedal itself features an LED display so you get instant visual feedback on your settings without having to look at the unit’s LCD screen. This makes it easier than ever before to get amazing sounds while playing live or in the studio!

BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 is a high quality unit that will produce the best sound and performance for your guitar. BOSS understands how important it is to provide you with great tone, and they do just that with this product. This pedal has been built on the classic design and circuitry of some of their most popular pedals from the past, including BOSS OD-1 Overdrive/Distortion pedal.

The Boss Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 is a pedal that can create a variety of distortion, overdrive and fuzz tones. The pedal also has an EQ knob for tuning the tone to what you want. It features a small footprint so it will fit on any board without taking up too much space. The Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal is built with analog circuitry which gives it great sound quality and depth of tone.

This single effect pedal was designed by the same company as many other famous effects pedals like the MXR M87 Bass Compressor/Limiter, Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi, and more! The Boss Electric Plugs are made to be durable enough for touring or just practicing at home. All in all, the Boss Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 is a good deal for the price.

Boss is a Japanese company that has been producing musical instruments since the 1960s. Boss electric guitar effects are well known for being durable, high quality and affordable. The GT-1 Single Effects Pedal is one of many boss pedals available to guitar players who want something different from their sound without spending too much money. It’s also an excellent choice for beginners because it doesn’t have as many functions as some other pedal options, so it can be easier to figure out which ones you need or don’t need right away.

The Boss Electric Guitar Single Effect GT-1 will change your tone with just one stomp of the footswitch! With its built in overdrive, distortion, modulation effects and delay/reverb this pedal has all the classic effects you need for a great sounding tone. The built in chromatic tuner will make sure your guitar sounds perfect every time you play it too!

This pedal is a single effect, which means that it only does one thing, but it does each of those things very well. The Boss GT-1 can be used as a pedal board and you can combine your favorite effects to create one personalized sound. It’s easy to install, but it does require 9V DC power supply (not included) and its rack mount hardware means you can put it in the best spot on your board for optimal performance.


– Has a wide range of effects

– Includes an expression pedal input

– LED display for creating amazing sounds without looking at the LCD screen

– Built-in overdrive, distortion, modulation effects and delay/reverb to provide you with a great sound


– None

If you would like to know more about Boss GT-1, the following video will be helpful to you:


BOSS Pocket GT Pocket Effects Processor

BOSS Pocket GT Pocket Effects Processor
  • Pocket size guitar processor with integrated features for YouTube learning and everyday playing
  • Pocket GT introduces a fun new way to practice, jam, and get better every day
  • YouTube has become the most popular music learning source for guitarists around the world, and Pocket GT makes working with the platform's content easier and more productive than ever
  • The Pocket GT hardware provides the sound engine and audio connections, while the BOSS Tone Studio app offers a YouTube browser that streams sound to Pocket GT, plus an intuitive interface for shaping sound
  • Ultra compact guitar amp/effects processor with powerful integrated learning features.Companion BOSS Tone Studio app (iOS/Android/Mac/Windows) with built in YouTube browser and deep tone editing tools.Create video song lists and set A/B markers to repeat sections.Assign user memories to markers and change sounds automatically during video playback.Authentic GT sound engine with over 100 amps and effects, ready to play with zero latency, download additional patches at BOSS Tone Central.99 user memories (amp and effects settings compatible with the floor based GT 1 guitar processor)

Boss is back at it again with their latest pocket effects processor named (BOSS Pocket Pro GT). The device comes in either 6 or 16 memory bank configurations. This Boss Pocket GT features an intuitive design, tough metal casing and standard ¼” input/ output jacks for achieving a variety of tones while also able to interface with various amp modeling software.

The easy to use 8-stage levelor, 10 “COSM” customizable amps and speaker cabinet emulation give you just what you need for that optimal tone on the go. With the BOSS tuner app functions included within this unit, you can do everything from tuning your guitar to voice integration which makes this one handy device!

This little pedal packs a powerhouse of features and functionality in its compact design. The Boss PocketGT is the newest addition to Boss’ PXT-series, combining aspects of several powerful BOSS effects pedals into one intuitive device. It offers harmonizing, octave doubling and doubling effects that can be blended with your original sound using its two tunings for an unlimited number of sounds.

Built-in MIDI capabilities allow you to trigger up to 14 different types of this effect via external controllers like keyboards, guitars and electronic drum devices while an expression pedal input enables real-time control over depth– simply slide it back and forth for smooth expression swells!

The Boss GT-10B guitar effects pedal is a performance-packed, easy-to-use gadget that offers programs that have been painstakingly developed to reproduce the stompbox and studio sound of yesteryear. It becomes a living legend with just two switches! The left switch turns “on” the desired effect while additional finger pressure on this footswitch reduces its intensity level from 10 (full) down to 1 (minimum).

When it comes time to perform these precision manipulations you never need to take your hands off the guitar frets or press another button—the Boss GT-10B remembers all settings selected in each mode. For maximum convenience, there is also an L shaped jack at bottom center with input for either stereo headphones or a stereo/mono line output.


– Easy to use

– Comes with a tuner, amp modeling software and more

– Packs a powerful punch in such a small device


– None

BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect (JS-10)

BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect (JS-10)
  • 2.1 Channel sound system with integrated subwoofer delivers full range sound with powerful deep bass
  • Two inputs for guitars, basses, and/or vocals, with individual controls and effects paths; ideal for duet jam sessions and teacher/student lessons
  • New custom DSP chip provides effects and cosm amps equivalent to the flagship gt 100
  • Over 350 pre loaded audio loops for jamming along including new minus one" audio for bass, two guitars, and Guitar and bass Plus 50 new songs
  • Center cancel for minus one play along sessions; tempo/key shift function.Stylish, sturdy design

The BOSS JS-10 is a single stage guitar preamp effects pedal great for saving on suitcase space. This pedal features four switches that allow you to toggle your input source between three different guitars, three different amps or an acoustic guitar pickup only (for pedal steel players) with the ability to change dials for volume and tone on each individual setting. The Boss CR-20R power supply provides enough voltage to power up sixteen of these pedals at once!

The controls are noise free, which takes out that fuzzy sound often found in jam sessions when multiple people are playing at the same time. It may not be ideal for someone looking to completely buy new gear because it’s limited in options like delay variation but goes good if all you need is a little bit of extra boost or to change your amp’s sound. The JS-10 is perfect for the musician on the go and comes with a carrying case, making this pedal highly portable.

Besides making music easier to produce by giving guitarists greater ability to cover different genres with rich analog quality tones, BOSS also helps users stay organized by understanding what notes they are playing or struggling on most often. In addition, the JS-10 comes with a drum machine and bass guitar rhythm section built in to help practice improvisation.

This BOSS Electric Guitar Single Effect (JS-10) is ideal for guitar players looking to add a single effect pedal to their setup. You can simulate five common amp sounds within the pedal and adjust the resisters for different textural effects, as well as dial in your preferred amplifier settings. This accessory includes an emulated distortion sound that’s perfect for grunge or metal riffs, too!

The Boss JS-10 is the perfect compact guitar pedal. If you are looking for versatility at an entry level price, this single stompbox may be right for you! This versatile tune can produce 10 different types of distortion or overdrive effects that will give your sound a serious edge. The wide range of frequency response means it works well with virtually any style of music, making it an ideal all around pedal.

The Boss JS-10 Effects Pedal has four knobs to control parameters such as volume and tone which make tuning easy since it does not require additional external equipment like power amps or cables. Users also have access to an array of built in preset sounds so they can avoid complicated set up back at home.


– Comes with a carrying case for easy transport

– Noise free so it will sound good when multiple people are playing at the same time

– Wide frequency response that works well with any type of music

– The JS-10 has four knobs


– None

BOSS Electric Guitar Pedal (RC-10R)

BOSS Electric Guitar Pedal (RC-10R)
  • Next-generation performance Tool combining song-based looping and dynamic rhythms in a small footprint
  • Cover nearly any genre with over 280 preset rhythm styles that include two unique sections, Intro/ending fills, and two transition fills
  • Sixteen versatile drum kits with high-quality sounds from the BOSS and Roland rhythm Libraries
  • Stereo looper engine with six hours of recording time and class-leading 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing
  • Serial Two-track operation for building loop performances with two independent song parts

The RC-10R is an all analog guitar effects pedal that was inspired by the original Boss EC series stompboxes and offers up a variety of different modulation, delay and reverb effects. This pedal features time based octave dividers for those players looking to produce something very unique with their guitar sound or create spooky echoes at slow speeds or eerie whooshes when turned up higher.

The TC Electronic Ditto Looper and Flexi-Switch modes bring back memories from 1970s course syllabi as we delve into the world of modular electronic music theory! It should be noted that this product includes two 18V power supplies so you can power both pedals at once out of one outlet.

This distortion/overdrive pedal offers players the classic Boss sound in a robust but compact pedal. The retro-looking gray case of this pedal is combined with modern features, like an intuitive design and improved noise reduction, to create one of the best pedals for guitarists looking to get their hands dirty.

The RC-10 can come close to some tube amps on tone while maintaining all the reliability that you would expect from Boss gear. It also delivers virtually no muddiness or unwanted feedback–this is essential for guitarists who need to use boosters (and other effects) at high levels for soloing. What’s more, it has built-in noise reduction circuitry that helps make even AC 60 signal jolt less noticeable when converted into digital data.

How does the noise reduction work? When you’re not creating a sound with your guitar, this noise-reducing feature goes into action to create an extremely clean signal. The pedal is configured so that when you play no sound comes from the output–meaning there’s no buzzing or hum as some distortion pedals can give off. This makes it possible to mount the Boss RC-10 pedal on even your most prized amp without worry.

The Boss RC-10R is very easy to use, and since it doesn’t have as many switches as other pedals it’s also less likely to accidentally go off when you don’t want it to. Many professionals like that sort of simplicity in their gear, and this is certainly one of the best pedals for guitarists who prefer their equipment to do its job without a lot of fuss.


– It has built-in noise cancellation circuitry

– It offers up a variety of different modulation, delay and reverb effects

– The pedal is easy to use and less likely to go off accidentally than other pedals


– None


In conclusion, the BOSS GT-1 is a great guitar pedal for those who are looking to enhance their electric guitar’s sound. With over 50 effects and amp models that can be combined in any order you please, this versatile pedal ensures that your tone will always stay fresh and new. Whether you’re playing rock or metal music on occasion, or if you play regularly as a hobbyist or professional musician–the Boss GT-1 is perfect for all of these different styles!

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