Top Best Acoustic Electric Guitar: Perfect Choice For Your Passion!

The acoustic style is pursued by many music enthusiasts so that the acoustic guitars also become the best-selling instruments today. You also love this style, but you have not yet chosen a truly satisfactory guitar that suits your needs at an affordable price? Follow our article top 21 best acoustic electric guitar below to have the wisest and right choice. 

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar
Best Acoustic Electric Guitar
Best Acoustic Electric Guitar
Best Acoustic Electric Guitar
Best Acoustic Electric Guitar
Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For material and sound quality
Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For enduring in all climatic conditions

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For right-handed players

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For saving costs on purchasing accessories

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For protecting the instrument against water and impact

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Top Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Reviews 2021

This product is made from solid red western cedar wood, a material that is durable, beautiful, and luxurious. This is the best product in the top 21 best acoustic electric guitar. It is handcrafted from Europe with custom neck narrow widths with a maximum width of 48mm. 

This guitar weighs only nearly 3.2 kg so it is easy to carry on the go. It also incorporates an elegantly colored upholstered bag to help protect the guitar from external impact and friction.

Included in this guitar kit is a 9V battery that allows you to charge up and operate when the keyboard is not near a power source or unplugged. For guitarists and guitar players, Fishman Sound Systems is the ultimate perfection with built-in tuners and an excellent equalizer to perfect the sound.

Therefore, it is not only a beautiful piano in shape but also delivers a great melody because of its clear, sharp timbre and great resonance.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Premium, light, and durable material
  • Sharp sound
  • The price is consistent with the product quality
  • Easy to use for both beginners and professional players

This product is designed with delicate curves that provide softness to the instrument. It is made from the world's leading one-piece injection molding technology for hand-held comfort and a superb audio performance.

The product is extremely light and easy to carry, but it delivers a large frequency and wide frequency range. No need to plug into the mains or depend on the length of the cord, this guitar can still function normally, giving you your convenience wherever you are.

It is made of super airsonic carbon fiber material that is heat resistant from -20 degrees C to 90 degrees C and humidity from 10-90% so you don't have to worry about the terrain and climate that could affect your guitar. .

The neck has been designed and engineered from the most intuitive and comfortable FlyNeck concept for you to keep track of the different positional forces while the guitar player is playing.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Soft, flexible and beautiful appearance
  • The small weight allows for easy portability
  • Fits all climatic conditions without worrying about damage wherever you are
  • Tools to aid you in playing and have great effect without plugging in the power

As one of the products at the top of the search for the best acoustic electric guitar, this product has many outstanding features. It is crafted from high-quality mahogany and black wood with hybrid carbon fiber for a light and elegant look so you can easily bring it on trips to add romance to the trip.

The product is constructed of 18 frets with a full-length finger pad and mosaic dots for excellent playability. The construction of this guitar is convenient for right-handed players.

When you purchase the keyboard, it comes with a custom neck bag for neck protection, premium leather strap, rain cover, performance bag, a screwdriver, and KLOS branded wrench for you to easily lighten and repair.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Convenient for right-handed players
  • Compact and compact, so it's easy to carry around when traveling
  • The sound is round, the bass is very good
  • The instrument still works well even under all temperatures and does not change the neck

This product is the best acoustic electric guitar that we would recommend to you. It is full of the most advanced features of a Yamaha-made guitar. Van Sam Engelmann wood top surface with A.R.E processing technology, optimized frame design makes LL6 ARE sound better thanks to the balance of bass, treble.

This product is used in a variety of genres because of its appeal in timbre, richness, and appeal in both theater and studio quality.

The back of the instrument is made from solid rosewood. Not only beautiful and designed, but this product also features powerful mid-bass, high dynamic range, tonal balance, transparent tone, and rich volume.

The 5-layer neck of this guitar is also made of rosewood and mahogany integrated with the head and body to create a uniform, stable, anti-twisting, and anti-warping block.

Besides, when buying the product, there are also accessories included: a holster to protect the keyboard with Elixir strings for you to comfortably adventure with the music.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Meticulous design and attention to detail
  • Rich, wide sound from bass to treble
  • The product comes with both pickup and accessories to help reduce the cost of buying accessories

With the mission of conquering the most demanding and demanding users, most of whom own expensive guitars in both monetary and spiritual sense, this product is equipped with a thick, solid cushion that makes the tunnel appearance Most pit in the soft case versions of Mono until now. 

The outside is Mono using Sharkskin material. It is thick and water-repellent but is extremely breathable. Next are the durable zipper and the almost perfect tightness that prevents water from seeping inside.

The neck of the neck is inherently impact resistant and is also quite fragile, so it is preferable to have a soft padlock inside. Put your guitar in this bag, you are sure you do not feel any worries

At the bottom of the case, the product integrates a rubber base that this vertigo version is upgraded to a level as the base like the car cover. But inside the same acoustic, M80 there is a soft velvet layer that embraces the piano gently and smoothly.

With 2 sub-compartments one at the front, one in the upper part of the pocket, Mono allows users to put personal belongings such as a tuner, capo, pen in the upper and lower compartment to be a spacious compartment to fit an iPad or a cable, a headphone and music books, documents ... 

If you need more space. This product is equipped with a hook to integrate with Mono stick - A neat pedal bag, effect (purchased separately).

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Durable, not waterproof
  • Ease of movement and maximum protection of instrument parts
  • The zipper is durable and does not allow water to get inside
  • Material is breathable and does not moisten the instrument

This piano case is made of durable plywood with a tolex coating that prevents the instrument from bumps or scratches. This is a protective product for the top best acoustic electric guitar you should choose from.

The inside of the case is lined with elegant and luxurious black velvet with a soft neck cushion that keeps the instrument safe. In addition, it also has storage for accessories such as pickup, tuner, slide.

This cabinet features a standard locking pin for added security.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Spacious and well-organized
  • Safely protect the instrument as well as its components from bumps and thieves
  • The keyboard is sturdy, with good materials

One of the products in the top best acoustic electric guitar we would recommend to you is this product. The product has basic black color, beautiful and luxurious with the front, back and neck part made from hardwood. 

The keys are made of durable and supple rose wood. Weighing in at 7.26 kg, this instrument can deliver warm tones and keep tone for long hours of operation. In addition, when you buy the product you also get a performance bag, pickup trucks, a strap, an additional set of strings, a truss key and a battery for easy change when the keyboard has problems.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Luxurious and polite color
  • Cost savings for accessories
  • Traditional design easy to use

This product is a testament to the fact that guitar players do not have to spend too much money to own the perfect guitar. 

One of the best acoustic electric guitar, this product is designed with a classic style that is suitable for a wide range of styles and genres and features commonly found in other high-end models such as the stylish Flamed Maple face ; Binding on the body, neck and head; The neck is fixed with glue (Set-Neck), providing optimal stability, vibrancy and resonance. 

The body and neck are made from Mahogany wood, and the keys are made of Jatoba with subtle inlay and 22 keys. Products using Pickup ESP Designed LH-150. The model comes in a choice of colors for the player, including Black, Purple, Green, Cobalt Blue, Lemon Yellow, and Warm Red.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Suitable for many styles and genres of music
  • The price is consistent with the product quality
  • There are many colors to choose from

Like some other best acoustic electric guitar, this guitar is designed with a traditional D-shape combined with a light wood color for elegance and courtesy.

This guitar weighs only 1.4 kg so you can easily carry it anywhere without fear of weight or entanglement. It is composed of 6 strings with 2 AA batteries for you to replace when there is no power to plug.

If left alone this keyboard to work, it would give a full loud sound, but if combined with an amplifier, it will bring a great sound effect.

The neck is of sufficient size, not small or large compared to the hand, giving you the convenience of playing.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Luxurious and polite color
  • Beginners can easily play the guitar
  • There is an alarm system when the battery is low

It is the brand's best-selling instrument and is ranked in the top best acoustic electric guitar 2021. This is a product line with progressive thinking and high performance standards of a quality instrument.

The product is designed with a traditional D-shaped design with a spruce top and an abalone mosaic pattern that looks strange and very catchy. The top part has a beautiful hat shape and high aesthetics, which is popular with many people.

The Ovangkol bridge and the depth bowl in the middle make it more comfortable and easier to play your guitar. Comes with a CR123A battery for easy operation with the keyboard without a plug.

The strings are made of copper with six strings of strings. Product weight up to 4.22 kg. The built-in preamp is conveniently located with the equalizer, 3 tonal controls and volume controls from the preamp and from the guitar receiver it is possible to connect and resonate with the guitar's connected amplifier.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The wire position is a bit too high, so the bar height changes when changing sides

This guitar is a guitar in my opinion, it is the most beautiful and luxurious of the best acoustic electric guitar. It is available in the traditional D-shape but is 20% shorter and 30% lighter than a full-size standard sound guitar.

The piano is made with a solid and durable spruce top. The sides and back are made of dark mahogany with a subtle cream color scheme, black, and brass-plated hardware on the neck for a product in a variety of beautiful, harmonious colors.

The traditional guitar bracing pattern has been further improved for better sound quality and to suit your travels. It also includes a custom shadow preamp for a full-size guitar sound.

In addition, it can work through headphones and tuner with an auxiliary jamming with mp3 players. At the same time, when buying the product, you will be given a Deluxe gig bag attached to protect the instrument and easy to carry when traveling on the plane.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Beautiful colors, meticulous color schemes
  • Small in size, easy to carry on the plane
  • The sound is great and can be customized with the headphones

This product is a bass in the top best acoustic electric guitar that we would recommend to you. This compact, lightweight product with an improved body is perfect for your travels.

It is 25% shorter in length and 61% lighter than the size of a full standard bass guitar giving you a fresh experience of a guitar in your music.

Proprietary tuning systems with standard tuning are incorporated into the body and eliminate unnecessary head laces.

This keyboard features an adjustable piezo receiver for you to plug into your favorite amplifier. The thumb stand combined with a removable restraint makes it easy to play, whether you're a beginner or in the tightest of space.

It weighs 2.97 kg with 4 main strings made from nickel giving you the freedom to enjoy your favorite music in your own style. Included with this piano are a detachable performance bag that has a thigh stand and a piezoelectric pickup.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Compact structure, easy to carry when traveling
  • Great for those practicing and playing on amp
  • Sound quality is good

This is a traditional D-style product that is next in the top best acoustic electric guitar. The front and back of the guitar are crafted from mahogany for elegant and elegant colors.

The weight of the guitar is 2 kg with 4 strings here for you to easily use. This guitar is suitable for those who love bass, because its sound is close to conventional electric bass.

The U-bas design is suitable for players with small hands and can practice stretching exercises on a short 21-scale scale. Also you can play through the PA amplifier with a subwoofer on copper wires. country band.

The new bridge has its own saddle that includes separate receivers for each chain, solving the uneven chain output problem. The control button clicks actively when you press or leave the tuning mode without making any noise via the PA.

When purchasing the product, the piano with a padded gig pocket protects the instrument from scratches and strong impact. At the same time, it comes with a CR123A battery for you to comfortably operate with the keyboard in any space without paying attention to the power cord and plug.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Light weight, easy to carry and easy to play
  • Suitable for those who like to play bass
  • Play anywhere with a fully charged battery
  • Compact design and suitable for players while sitting

As one of the top best acoustic electric guitar traveling guitars, this product has outstanding advantages. The color of the piano is light wood tone, clean and elegant.

The body of the instrument has been improved to be compact and easy to use. The guitar is 31% shorter, 43% lighter than a standard guitar, but fully responsive in terms of size sound.

The product uses In-body technology with standard regulators moved inside the body to bring neatness on the outside. The top lanyard is reduced to become easier and less entangled.

Thanks to the piezo recorders and standard outputs, you can plug lights into your amplifiers and recording devices to record impromptu music for your work. Besides, the rest of the thighs are removable so it's easy to carry or store because of its compactness.

The compact instrument weighs only 1.36 kg and is easy to store in an aircraft compartment. In addition, the product is designed with 6 strings, which are made of copper to create firmness and resonance in the panels.

The keys are made from walnut wood with the main material that makes up the entire guitar, which is hardwood, bringing beautiful durability to the product. Besides the sound coming from the strings, if subtle, you can hear any sound from touching any part of the keyboard. This product has delivered excellent sound to the instrument player.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The guitar is compact, the small weight makes it easy to carry anywhere
  • Youthful and modern design, straight neck and beautiful finish
  • Beautiful material, durable and supple
  • Perfect intonation, sharp sound

Similar in design to other travel guitars, this product is also compactly designed with 29% reduction in length and 20% lighter than a standard guitar. The main light-wood tone piano is made from selected maple trees to produce a tough and durable product.

The weight of the guitar is only 1.36 kg, so it is light and easy to carry wherever you are. You no longer have to worry that the bulkiness hinders your feeling of feeling.

This guitar is one of the best acoustic electric guitar that we would like you to check out. The six-string instrument is made of synthetic nylon fiber that is tough and doesn't put too much pressure on your fingers.

These strings are smooth and tunable as well as your regular guitar. The neck is a bit narrower than a standard guitar, but it gives you the comfort of a typical guitar playing position of sitting thanks to the footrest.

The Shadow pickup is extremely responsive, along with a solid performance bag with enough room to hold an external leg room, spare wires and amp cables and other small accessories like pickup …

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Compact, convenient and easy to carry
  • The cost for accessories is low and the price is reasonable
  • Easy to play and change and repair when broken
  • Easily connects to your computer to create your favorite digital music

This acoustic guitar is a traditional style guitar that helps a wide variety of subjects perform well and practice well. The product inherits the essence of a classical guitar with a warm, round sound and extremely comfortable price.

This guitar is meticulously crafted from spruce wood in North America, a type of wood widely used for the face of the guitar for its durability and toughness. The characteristic of spruce is hard and light, so the speed of sound transmission and resonance are very high, the tone is clear and full. Lightweight so spruce tends to sound thin.

If you are a beginner, you should choose this one with a traditional round shape. Because the round shape creates a sense of balance, the player will play harder and the sound of a round shape is usually a little warm and rounder than a flute. This is a product worth a reference in the top best acoustic electric guitar.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • The product is made from wood that is durable and tough while still retaining form
  • Ability to transmit loud and far resonant
  • Creates a sense of roundness and is easy to play for beginners

Another traditional D-style in the top best acoustic electric guitar that we'd recommend is this ukulele. The guitar is made from acacia wood, a tropical tree with natural and beautiful color.

The front part is made of solid acacia wood, the sides are shaped from Acacia for a round, clear and familiar voice. The keys are made from Pau Ferro with 4 strings made of nylon for comfort.

This guitar stands out from other products because its extremely small weight, only 454 grams, makes it easy to carry without feeling any entanglement.

You can act freely and freely with the wonderful melodies on the keys. The most interesting thing is that its sound is bright, the melodies are really warm because it is equipped with an active pickup system with volume control buttons to your liking.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Elegant color, durable, and natural material
  • There is a pickup system for you to actively adjust the sound
  • Extremely small weight, less pressure on the shoulder when playing

This is an amplifier combined with smart devices to assist you in making great music in any style of play. It is one of the best-supporting products for the best acoustic electric guitar.

Thanks to Auto Chord technology, you just need to import the desired song from the dedicated music devices into the machine, and chords will be displayed allowing you to play and learn to sing quickly. 

It has an intelligent Spark model that analyzes your style and feels to create authentic bass and treble virtual support for each individual.

By using 30amp and 40 effects, you can create tones that add to your musical personality. It features a large and deep speaker design that produces versatile tones for guitar, acoustic, and bass thanks to more than 10000 presets on one cloud.

The product also has built-in recording software to help you record impromptu music and keep track of your ideas.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Capture ideas while playing music
  • Support virtual sound and bring individual style to each person
  • Flexible for many genres of music




Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

If you are looking for a best acoustic electric guitar that does not yet have an automatic string regulator, we recommend it. It is a high precision product that is easy to use and can be tuned in seconds.

This product is compatible with most stringed instruments with locomotives like electric guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, guitar 7 and 12 strings, mandolins ...

It can function independently while at the same time detecting vibrations to adjust the instrument in even the loudest environments. Before playing, it only takes 30 seconds to adjust and change from that you can play for hours without any change in sound.

This product has the ability to detect and record tunes to help you store random music or ideas pop. Thanks to the 3-speed rotating motor with a frequency of 60 rpm, it will get you rewiring quickly, easily and automatically.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Ability to record impromptu music
  • Compatible with a wide range of stringed instruments
  • Detects and adjusts the vibration of the keyboard for good sound quality
  • Easy to use and quick to customize

In terms of appearance, this guitar is designed with a traditional D design that brings a warm sound quality, loud resonance, good sound transmission speed. This guitar color is classic, mainly based on the wood color, with uneven patterns that help the color stay durable over time and not fade. 

This manufacturer always designs classic pianos that deliver a plump sound. soft, soft, balanced, ... And if you are a lover of classical music, you should not miss this guitar.

For this guitar too, it also brings that signature sound quality but adds an extremely good resonance, maintains the sound in the cabinet and expresses emotion when playing.

This whole guitar is made from a single wood, 100% natural Mahogany (mahogany) with extremely good sound transmission speed, resonance, warmth, mellow, …

Black ABS edge design combined with C-neck for the piano become much more luxurious. This is a remarkable guitar to choose from among the top best acoustic electric guitar.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Beautiful durable wood color, no color fading
  • The sound is resounding and soft and soft

This product is the ultimate wireless guitar tool. Its innovative design makes sound professionally delivered with incredible dynamic range, quickly connecting devices and amps in seconds - no additional hardware required!

Wireless access is an experience that frees you from technical problems, from constraints that include batteries, dedicated cables, transmitters, and large format. This new wireless transceiver represents a turning point for a new format, eliminating the problems and disadvantages of older formats.

With its extremely small size, the sound quality that this product brings will amaze you. There is no significant difference in the sound and guitar response between this product compared to those using higher format cable or wireless transceivers. 

It may feel unbelievable, but in fact, it's completely authentic, this system of equipment will give you the response from your tool very similar to what you are using from a cabling system.

It offers a full 20Hz-20 kHz frequency response, so you'll hear your guitar's voice in detail with a latency of just 6ms. This wireless system operates on the 2.4GHz ISM band for clear broadcast, ensures the integrity of your signal on stage, and covers 100 feet of range without skipping any signals.

  • PROS

  • CONS

  • Things We Liked:
  • Compact and simple design
  • Persistent with time
  • The convenient wireless device, freeing the product from cables, plugs ... and other supporting devices

How To Choose Best Acoustic Electric Guitar To Suit Your Needs

Before deciding to buy a guitar you must clearly define what your playing style is? Because you can't buy a Jazz Blues guitar and hit Metal and Death. Suppose you are a Rock, Metal enthusiast, you should choose a Solid body. Or if you need a warm tone, you should choose thick and thick forms such as Les Paul ...

Each guitar is designed in many different styles. So, when determining the preferences as well as the style of playing music, it will help players choose the instrument more effectively.

Customers can refer to some of the following designs to choose the right instrument:

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is designed with a whole piece body, solid and hard, the guitar is played through the amplifier. This type is suitable for Rock'n'Roll, punk, and rock metal music.

Hollow electric guitars have a hollow body design and no holes like classical guitars. This guitar will use a sound generator. 

This type is used to play jazz with a deep, deep sound. The semi-hollow electric guitar has a body that combines a cut-out design and a hollow body.

Accompanied electric guitars have the same structure as the accompaniment of classical guitars but are connected with amplifiers. The advantage of this type is that you can not use Amply still playable.

Select the right flock for your budget

When choosing to buy the best acoustic electric guitar or any type of guitar, you always want to invest in the best guitars from famous brands. However, choosing how much an electric guitar cost makes you face many difficulties. So, if you are starting to play guitar, you must aim too high but do not let the wishes of having the best guitar be forgotten.

Choose the famous and prestigious brand acoustic electric guitar

If you want to buy the best acoustic electric guitar, you can get it in many different places. However, by choosing famous and reputable brands that have been famous for many years, you will be able to choose the best quality products, not counterfeit, and you also have warranty and maintenance policies. and repairs and other treatment. So, choose a reputable location to buy the best acoustic electric guitar that is right for you.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

Besides, you should pay attention to the material of the instrument. There are three main types of materials used in acoustic guitars:

- Plywood: is the wood pulp that is pressed back into boards (the leaves are closed on the shelves). They are usually cheap, don't sound great, and can degrade severely over time. If you want to choose a quality acoustic guitar then I would not recommend choosing this one.

Laminate: is processed and laminated wood. Good sound from the very beginning, it can gradually decrease in time significantly.

It is a fact that many Vietnamese consider Plywood to be of poor quality. This is completely wrong. You can read more about this article to see that plywood also has many of its outstanding features. So if you want to choose a laminated wooden acoustic guitar, then it makes sense, have confidence in your decision!

- Wood in the whole piece: is wood that is used in the whole piece after being processed. The sound is better, later on, thanks to the phenomenon of breaking sounds.

Here is a video for you to grab more information:

Conclusion: My Pick For The Best

From a personal point of view, in the top 21 best acoustic electric guitar, I find the Electric Nylon String Guitar is the best. The piano is made from premium materials, meticulously in every detail. The crisp and clear sound combined with the resonance help to deliver gentle and delicate sounds. It is perfectly crafted for both beginners and skilled guitar players. The price is affordable by the product. In short, this product is not only reasonable for the price but also perfect in terms of sound and quality.


Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For material and sound quality


Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For enduring in all climatic conditions


Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For right-handed players


Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For saving costs on purchasing accessories


Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For protecting the instrument against water and impact

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