Love-Song-Circus 2014 Sydney 2 shows only!

After fantastic seasons in Brisbane and Adelaide this month, Love-Song-Circus comes to Sydney for the first time this April!

April 2nd and 3rd
City Recital Hall

Tickets and details here

LSC syd web

Winner of 2 Fringe awards – Best Music Event Weekly, Best Music Event Overall

Some reviews for Brisbane and Adelaide

The Advertiser

‘Rarely can the word ‘magnificent’ be used to accurately describe a Fringe performance without invoking accusations of hyperbole, yet Katie Noonan and Circa’s Love-Song-Circus earned that description. 5/5’
The Adelaide Review

‘Sixteen songs combined to paint an unforgettable picture of courage and resilience in the face of suffering – of people sentenced by an inflexible government to a suffering far beyond anything that their crimes might have warranted.
It was an unforgettable evening, and as we left some of us wondered if in the future there might be an evening like this, perhaps in a different musical idiom, singing of leaky boats, inflexible governments, and women and children behind razor wire.’

‘To try to encapsulate how incredibly moving Katie Noonan & Circa’s collaboration is as a live experience will be a challenge. When a work of this caliber is presented it feels that any superlative used to communicate my interpretation of the performance is less than adequate’

Thanks to AAA Backstage and Dean Swindell for the great pics from Brisbane!

Katie Noonan-12Katie Noonan-18Katie Noonan-16Katie Noonan-9Katie Noonan-5Katie Noonan-2