Katie at Folk Alliance!


Katie will be performing at Folk Alliance this week!

For the first time, Katie will be performing in these two splendid countries this Feb!

In Canada, Katie has been invited to showcase at the 25th Folk Alliance International in sunny (well, -15 degrees) Toronto alongside some incredible musicians from across the globe.

Details below!

Folk Alliance International – Toronto
Feb 20 – 25
Wed 20th Feb 11:30pm, Room: Kin Music #1263
Thurs 21st Feb 2pm, Room: Kin Music #1263
Thurs 21st Feb 10:30pm, Room AUSCAN # 1180
Thurs 21st Feb 12am, Room: Lost Highway #1270
Friday 22nd Feb 2pm, Room AUSCAN #1180 (in the round)
Friday 22nd Feb 8pm, Official Showcase – Stevenson Room
Friday 22nd Feb 10:30pm, Room: Kin Music #1263
Sat 23rd Feb 2:30pm, Room: Kin Music #1263
Sat 23rd Feb 10:55pm, Room: AUSCAN #1180
Tickets and info here

Look forward to seeing you there!